PhD Pre-Colloquium Workshop

Steven Grover
University of Otago, New Zealand
Jordi Trullén
ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Call for Applications

The European Group for Organizational Studies seeks to encourage PhD students toward becoming members of the community of organizational scholars. This pre-Colloquium Workshop provides an enjoyable opportunity for students working toward doctorates to interact with and learn from fellow students and top scholars in the field. The general aim of the Workshop is to help students approach dissertations with renewed vigor by viewing them from a distance with the help of others. It also provides a springboard for successful careers in the field by examining important issues such as publishing and career progression.

The following will be included in the EGOS PhD Workshop 2009:

  • The publication process. Examine the publication process with experienced researchers and editors to learn from their successes and mistakes in formulating, writing, submitting, and revising papers for journal publication.
  • The art of reviewing. Reviewing is the other side of the publication process. Understanding and appreciating the review process will help in reviewing as well publishing one’s own work. The workshop will examine the process with experienced editors by engaging in some reviewing.
  • The notion of the international academic. The mix of European and other international students and faculty members is a strength of EGOS and the workshop. Participants will attempt to identify similarities and differences across countries and continents in how the academic processes work. We will address different career opportunities and career paths in Europe and the rest of the world.

What to expect

The PhD Workshop is organized primarily around participative interactions. Participants will be asked to prepare by doing some reading so that they are informed contributors. However, they will not be asked to present their work formally. Additionally, students exchange feedback in small groups on their proposals under the guidance of a skilled facilitator who is an experienced academic in the field.

Participants are strongly encouraged to participate in the colloquium following the Workshop. Hence, they are encouraged to submit papers to subthemes where a wide range of scholarly topics are discussed.

The faculty

The faculty involved in the PhD Workshop includes scholars from a variety of geographical and disciplinary backgrounds. Members of the faculty are: Julia Balogun (Lancaster University, UK), Jean Bartunek (Boston College, USA), Tina Dacin (Queen's University, Canada), Peer Fiss (University of Southern California, USA), Steven Grover (University of Otago, New Zealand), Ann Langley (HEC Montréal, Canada), Jordi Trullen (ESADE Business School, Spain), Eero Vaara (Hanken School of Economics, Finland) and David Wilson (Warwick Business School, UK), among others.


Please apply for admission between December 15, 2008 and January 11, 2009 (= deadline) by uploading a single document using the link at the top/bottom of this page which contains the following:

  1. Complete contact details, including name, university affiliation, email address and phone number.
  2. A sentence describing stage in the doctoral programme (e.g., 2nd year approaching data collection).
  3. A paragraph on how this Workshop would benefit you
  4. A summary of the dissertation or thesis that includes the research question, theoretical framing, and research design. This should explain the field to which the dissertation seeks to contribute and how the data have been/are to be collected and analyzed. This summary will form the discussion of the thesis in the feedback session at the workshop. The entire document must not exceed three pages.

Applications that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be accepted.

Please note that attendance is limited to 40 people and that past experience has shown that applications far outnumber admission. The quality of the proposal and potential benefit from the Workshop are the primary criteria for selection. Participants will be notified on acceptance to the EGOS PhD Workshop by February 15, 2009.

Steven Grover 
Jordi Trullén