PDW-10 [SWG-15b]: Working with Case Material and Qualitative Data [merged with PDW-09]

Laura Galuppo
Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of Milan, Italy
Bas Koene
Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Juliette Koning
Brookes University Oxford, UK
Sierk Ybema
Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call for Applications



This pre-Colloquium Paper Development Workshop (PDW) is aimed at those scholars who do qualitative research and are interested in broadening their experience in working with qualitative data and in presenting their material for educational or publication purposes. The workshop is organized by the EGOS Standing Working Group (SWG) 15 on "Organizational Ethnography" in cooperation with the RSM Case Development Centre and Ivey Publishing.


The workshop will take place on Wednesday, July 2, 2014, 9:00am–14:00pm.




Qualitative data are important resources for theory development and also provide rich experiential material for teaching in the field of organization studies. This PDW brings together experienced researchers and scholars looking to broaden their experience in working with qualitative data. The richness of qualitative data place special requirements on the ways the data are presented. This holds for their effective use in educational settings, as well as for their presentation in academic and practitioner oriented publications. The workshop is open to all scholars who want to present their qualitative material more effectively.

After a brief introduction on the nature of qualitative data, participants will work in different parallel sessions on:

  • developing professional teaching cases;
  • developing vignets;
  • writing thick descriptions;
  • developing tables with Nvivo;
  • exploring the use of film;
  • dealing with press-interviews.


All sessions will be interactive workshops where participants will be introduced to the topic and work together, either doing small assignments or by working on material and questions of their own. Based on the applications for the workshop, we will decide on the final program and also schedule participants for specific sessions beforehand.




We invite all scholars engaged in qualitative research, wishing to develop and professionalize their repertoire for presenting qualitative material for different purposes. However, preference will be given to PhD students/early career scholars. To be considered as an early career scholar, the applicant needs to have completed his/her doctoral/PhD thesis within the last three years.


Please submit – via the EGOS website! – a single document of application (.doc, .docx or .pdf file) that includes:

  • On the first page: a short letter of application containing full details of name, address (postal address, phone and email), affiliation (date of PhD completion for early career scholars), a statement of why you consider it valuable to attend this PDW and an indication of the parallel sessions that you are interested in. Preferably indicate more than one and briefly motivate your interest for each session (please keep in mind that only after having received all applications we will decide which parallel sessions will be actually run).
  • A brief (1 page) description of your involvement in qualitative research, the qualitative material you are working with (what is it about, what type of material, etc.) and how it relates to your interest in this PDW. Be as concrete as possible in addressing your ambitions with your material (eg. producing a teaching case, presenting either to a scientific or to a practitioners' audience, etc.).


On the basis of applications we will select participants to the workshop and assign them to the different parallel sessions.


Laura Galuppo is Assistant Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology at the Psychology Department, Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University of Milan, Italy. Her current research focuses on sustainability management in organizations, organizational learning, ethnography and collaborative research. Recent publications are contributions to 'Social Responsibility Journal' (in press), 'Systemic Practice and Action Research' (2010); 'European Journal of Psychology of Education' (2011), and an edited volume "When working is un-sustainable … Promoting social sustainability through an action-research approach in health organizations" (Vita e Pensiero, 2012).
Bas Koene is Assistant Professor of Organization and Human Resource Management at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Director of the RSM Case Development Centre. He studies human agency and leadership in processes of institutional change and organizational development, with a special interest in the organization of work and the management of temporary employment. He has published in journals such as 'Leadership Quarterly', 'Human Resource Management Journal', 'Journal of Organizational Change Management', 'Personnel Review', 'Human Relations' and 'Accounting Organizations and Society' and recently edited the volume on "Management and Organization of Temporary Agency Work".
Juliette Koning is Reader in Organization Studies and Asian Business at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has a PhD in social anthropology and her research interests include questions of religion, identity and ethnicity in entrepreneurship and small business organizations in Southeast Asia. She is co-organizer of the EGOS Standing Workig Group (SWG) 15 on "Organizational Ethnography" and co-editor of the peer-reviewed Open Access journal 'Asia Matters: Business, Culture and Theory'.
Sierk Ybema is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His research revolves around processes of organizational politics, identity, discourse and sensemaking. He published on a variety of issues, including culture and conflict, relational and temporal identity talk, managerial discourse and 'postalgia', cross-cultural collaboration, inter-organizational relationships, organizational change and crisis, and organizational ethnography. This work has been published in such journals as 'Human Relations', 'International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management', 'Journal of Business Ethics', 'Scandinavian Journal of Management' and 'Organization Studies'.