Sub-theme 37: Inclusiveness of Ageing Employees in Organizations

Sonja A. Sackmann, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany
Krista Jaakson, University of Tartu, Estonia
Hanna Salminen, Tampere University, Finland
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 09:00 to 12:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Opening, Introduction & Keynote: Monika von Bonsdorff (University of Jyväskylä): “Entrepreneur retirement – concepts, theories and processes”
Chair: Prof. Sackmann, Dr. Jaakson, Dr, Salminen
Cara Reed
Fun: We are young
Vera Schwarzmann, Karin Kreutzer and Katrin Merfeld
Age diversity in volunteer teams: A qualitative study on intergenerational teamwork
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:00 to 20:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Second and third discussion
Break 1: 18:00 to 18:15
Chair: Prof. Sackmann, Dr. Jaakson, Dr, Salminen
Sabine Richter-Trummer and Sonja A. Sackmann
Employment inclusion of retired workers – An analysis of accumulated and continuous human capital
Yael Brender-Ilan, and Galy Binyamin
Attitudes on hiring middle-aged employees: The impact of social climate and rater’s employability
Myriam Guillaume and Sabrina Loufrani-Fedida
Employability management among ageing and feminized employees: A case study in a French cleaning organization
Isabelle Salmon, jean-yves juban and Jean-Yves Juban
Managing employability through occupational health (GEPaST): The French approach to inclusion at all ages
Sweta Singh
Subjective age and its relation to motivation to learn: Examining the mediating role of career optimism
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 09:00 to 11:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Fourth discussion and conclusion
Chair: Prof. Sackmann, Dr. Jaakson, Dr, Salminen
Onno Bouwmeester and Maxime Slaats
When corporate normative control feels wrong: Experiences of employees leaving elite consultancies to become self-employed
Chiara De Bernardi and Alisa Sydow
Am I an environmental entrepreneur? On the evolution of entrepreneurial identity
Frederik Claeyé, Erno T. Tornikoski and Yosra Boughattas
Becoming an entrepreneurial individual: The emergence of subjective control beliefs in conditions of extreme poverty
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 19:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)