Sub-theme 34: Ignorance at Work: How Organizations Strive Not to Know

Justine Grønbæk Pors, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Lena Olaison, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Birke Otto, European University Viadrina, Germany
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 09:00 to 12:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Researching the gap between speech and action
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: Birke Otto & Justine Grønbæk Pors
Morten Knudsen and Sharon Kishik
Maintaining ignorance: Dynamics in the communication of knowledge and non-knowledge
Discussant(s): C. Barton M. Alvesson
Monica Calcagno and Laura Candiotto
Epistemic Ignorance in Cultural Projects. A Vice-Theoretic Account
Discussant(s): S. Heitmann A. Spicer
Mats Alvesson, Katja Einola and Stephan M. Schaefer
Willful ignorance in organisations
Discussant(s): K. Kee E. Mikkelsen
Stephanos Anastasiadis, Jens Bergmann and Jonas Grutzpalk
Entering the Bermuda Triangle: Factors promoting loss of implicit knowledge in the police
Discussant(s): M. Alvesson L. Lefsrud
André Spicer
Clusterfucks: A Theory
Discussant(s): O. Varokolis K. Hondros
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:30 to 18:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Moving in and out of knowledge - Dynamics of ignorance
Chair: Birke Otto
Stephanie Heitmann and Boukje Cnossen
Investigating the dynamic interplay between secrecy and transparency in creative processes: Preliminary findings from research in an agile technology start-up
Discussant(s): M. Calgano U. Plesner
Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen and Christian D. Wåhlin-Jacobsen
Interactional troubles in police-citizen interactions: Blindness as an underlying mechanism in category work about danger
Discussant(s): F. Reale Z. Roche
Mahaut Fanchini and Meghan Van Portfliet
How to study strategic ignorance in organizations? A methodological discussion
Discussant(s): S. Anastasiadis M. Knudsen
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 09:00 to 12:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Organizational denial
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: Justine Grønbæk Pors & Lena Olaison
Ursula Plesner and Lise Justesen
Digitalize and deny: Pluralistic collective ignorance in an algorithmic profiling project
Discussant(s): M. Fanchini S. Heitmann
Konstantin Hondros
“Live life without filters”: De-ignoring failure through aestheticizing organizational ignorance
Discussant(s): A. Spicer, M. Calgcano
Filippo Reale
Fictional expectations, disinhibiting the future, and the agnotology of capitalism
Discussant(s): C. Barton L. Lefsrud
Chris Barton
Corporate ways of (not) knowing: The construction, defense, and haunting of corporate knowledge ecologies
Discussant(s): U. Plesner K. Hondros
Orestis Varkarolis, Konstantinos Alpidis and George Tsobanoglou
Breaking with the conspiracy of silence within radical cooperativism
Discussant(s): F. Reale, M. Alvesson
Lunchtime Talk by Linsey McGoey, University of Essex, "The Unknowers: On the political economy of ignorance" (12.30-13.30)
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 18:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
(Not) Speaking Up
Chair: Lena Olaison
Lianne M. Lefsrud, Kathleen Baker and Joel Gehman
Hiding Blind: Organizational ambiguity, fear, and silence
Discussant(s): M. Knudsen K. Kee
Zach Roche and Ray Griffin
Ignorancing: On the process of outsourcing public employment services
Discussant(s): M. Fanchini S. Anastasiadis
Karin Kee, Marieke van Wieringen, Henk Nies and Bianca Beersma
Voice gatekeepers at work: How team members hinder employee voice behavior
Discussant(s): E. Mikkelsen Z. Roche
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)