Sub-theme 27: Constructing Businesses Social and Environmental Responsibilities in the Global South: Tensions between Tradition, Innovation, and Imposition -> HYBRID!

Pilar Acosta, École Polytechnique, France
Joel Bothello, Concordia University, Canada
Stefanie Habersang, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Epistemologies & Perspectives of the Global South
Chair: Pilar Acosta
Shweta Chowdhary, Shweta Chowdhary, Lauren McCarthy, Andreas Chatzidakis and Andreas Chatzidakis
Looking through the practice lens: A Global South perspective on sustainable clothing
Discussant(s): Alysha Shivji, Bobby Banerjee
Adrián Pablo Zicari
A barricade in Patagonia. The Latin American World Model (aka the Bariloche Model), a story of resistance and hope
Discussant(s): Shweta Chowdhary
Alysha K. Shivji and Bobby Banerjee
From slaves to stakeholders: Technology of race, racial capitalism, and business-labor relations
Discussant(s): Adrián Zicari
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Entrepreneurship in Context
Chair: Joel Bothello
Bruno Noisette
Comply, Love, or Grow Together: Logic Work and Fundamental Values in Rwandan Family Business
Discussant(s): Ulf Thoene, James Perez, Roberto Garcia Alonso
Sameer Azizi, Harry Van Buren III and Tanusree Jain
Corporate political activity In areas of limited statehood – A multilevel governance framework
Discussant(s): Pilar Acosta, Julio Zuluaga
Sara Calvo, Andres Morales and Edmond Vanderpuye
Hybridity: Exploring organisational spirituality in faith-based social enterprises in Ghana
Discussant(s): Bruno Noisette
Session III: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Education and Practice
Chair: Stefanie Habersang
Benson Honig, Olu Aluko, Juliana Siwale, Nat Boso, Olu Aluko and Nathaniel Boso
Examining entrepreneurship education in Africa from a compensatory perspective
Discussant(s): Ulf Thoene, James Perez, Roberto Garcia Alonso
Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O, Paola Garcia Fuentes, Francisco Padilla Reyeros and Stefan Gold
Tropicalizing a Western model: Overcoming challenges of translation of the German dual vocational education and training model to Mexico
Discussant(s): Benson Honig, Olu Aluko, Julian Siwale, Nat Boso
Ulf Thoene, James Perez and Roberto Garcia Alonso
Female victims of conflicts and entrepreneurship: The case of microfranchises in post-conflict Colombia
Discussant(s): Carolin Puhl
Carolin Puhl
The struggle with relevance in research on global value networks – A practice-theoretical perspective
Discussant(s): Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter O, Dr Paola Garcia Fuentes, Francisco Padilla Reyeros, Stefan Gold
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Crises, Scandals and Irresponsibility
Chair: Stefanie Habersang
Maria Clara Leite and Amanda Ferretti
In the wake of the mudslide: Tensions, practices and new relationships based on the experience of victims of a Brazilian mining company’s dam collapse
Discussant(s): Anne Steinhoff, Sebastián Ronderos
Venus Sharma and John M. Amis
Innovation in response to India’s agrarian crisis: Reproduction of inequalities and politics of change
Discussant(s): Maria Clara Leite, Rajiiv Maher, Amanda Soares Zambelli Ferretti
Anne Steinhoff and Sebastian Ronderos
The politics of CSR reporting: A temporal analysis of the Lava Jato scandal through the competing narratives of the Brazilian media and Petrobras
Discussant(s): Venus Sharma, John M. Amis
Session V: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Constructing Sustainable Supply and Value Chains
Chair: Joel Bothello
Annika Surmeier
Hybrid organizing in value chains – The case of Delícia’s chili value chain transformation
Discussant(s): Iqra Sadaf Khana
Rym Mouelhi
The impact of international law compliance on the pursuit of sustainability and CSR in the Global South: Evidence from the Tunisian textile industry
Discussant(s): Annika Surmeier
Iqra Sadaf Khan, Minna Halme and Minna Halme
Customer enforced sustainability: Exploitation of cultural misalignment in (un)ethical supply chain management
Discussant(s): Rym Mouelhi
Session VI: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Social Impact
Chair: Pilar Acosta
Constance Dumalanède, Giacomo Ciambotti and Addisu A. Lashitew
Scaling and intermediating impact in social franchises: The role of network stewardship
Discussant(s): Gerardo Acosta Voegeli, Héctor Rocha, Martin Kunc
Vera Schwarzmann and Carina Keller
Help – I need somebody. How learned helplessness challenges sustainable development in global south-north social enterprises
Discussant(s): Constance Dumalanède, Giacomo Ciambotti, Addisu Lashitew
Gerardo Acosta Voegeli and Héctor Rocha
Do clusters promote social cohesion and economic performance? A tale of two cities
Discussant(s): Carina Keller, Vera Schwarzmann, Karin Kreutzer
Adeelah Kodabux, Emamdeen Fohim, Amar Seeam and Amar Kumar Seeam
Positive multiculturalism in the co-creation of smart public transport: Lessons from Mauritius’s light rail transit system
Discussant(s): Constance Dumalanède, Giacomo Ciambotti, Addisu Lashitew
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Tensions within Organizations
Chair: Joel Bothello
Lucas Lauriano, Michael Etter and Jan Lodge
Exploring the relational dynamics of destigmatization in the workplace: Evidence from LGBTQIA+ employees in Brazil
Discussant(s): Oliver Hirschfelder, Tobias Gutmann, Karin Kreutzer
Oliver Hirschfelder, Tobias Gutmann and Karin Kreutzer
The ‘Mock Giant Effect’: Exploring the mediation of past interpretations and future expectations on climate change through an ethnographical lens
Discussant(s): Lucas Amaral Lauriano, Jan Lodge
Debora Casoli, Rosana Reis and Hérica Morais Righi
Pink leadership and Green Strategy: The power of the colors to transform the sustainable approach of the house cleaning products
Discussant(s): Clara Koetz, Sarah Hudson; Carin Maribel Koetz, Rosilene Marcon
Session VIII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, Ingegneria – N – 2_1
Tensions within Organizations
Chair: Stefanie Habersang
Sarah Hudson and Clara Koetz
The influence of formal and informal ethical systems on employee’s unethical behavior: A comparison between United States and Brazil
Discussant(s): Marina P. Michalski
Pilar Acosta and Julio Zuluaga Jimenez
Family businesses, states, and the co-construction of public goods in the context of limited statehood. A historical perspective
Discussant(s): Sameer Azizi; Harry J. Van Buren III; Tanusree Jain
Marina Michalski
HR professionals’ roles and understandings of sustainability in Brazil
Discussant(s): Clara Koetz, Sarah Hudson; Carin Maribel Koetz, Rosilene Marcon