Sub-theme 26: Emotions and (the Limits of) Institutional Control

Jaco Lok, University of New South Wales, Australia
Maxim Voronov, Brock University, Canada
Hugh Willmott, Cardiff University, UK
Session I: Thursday, July 03, 11:00 to 12:30, M3-05
Experiencing Institutions
Chair: Maxim Voronov
Carine Chemin-Bouzir and Farah Kodeih
Explaining individuals' attitudes towards dominant institutional pressures: The role of emotional experiences in the home care field in France
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): W. E. Douglas Creed et al.
Gazi Islam, Maria Laura Toraldo and Gianluigi Mangia
Revels or Rebels? The Ritual Construction of Music Festivals and the Uses of Affect
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Chemin-Bouzir Carine and Farah Kodeih
W. E. Douglas Creed, Bryant Ashley Hudson, Gerardo Okhuysen and Kristin Smith-Crowe
Institutional communities and the constitution of the self: The intersection of social bonds, institutional prescriptions, and affective commitments
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Maria Laura Toraldo and Gianluigi Mangia
Session II: Thursday, July 03, 14:00 to 15:30, M3-05
Institutions and Selfhood
Chair: Hugh Willmott
Yunxia Zhu
Understanding the Interaction of Emotion and Institutional Work from Confucian Ren-yi Perspective: A Case of Chinese Small and Intermediate Enterprises
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Mariana da Fonseca Brandão et al.
Mrinalini Greedharry
Once more, with feeling; emotions in the critique of the institutionalization of literary study
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Yunxia Zhu
Mariana da Fonseca Brandão, Eduardo André Teixeira Ayrosa and Débora Tayt-son
The Disney Ambassadors and their will to keep the magic alive
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Mrinalini Greedharry
Session III: Thursday, July 03, 16:00 to 17:30, M3-05
Identity and Identification
Chair: Jaco Lok
Michael Gill
Identity driven institutional work: examining the emergence and effect of a pro bono organization within the English legal profession
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Monika Müller
Monika Müller
Long-lost: The emotional side of identification
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Michael Gill
Session IV: Friday, July 04, 09:00 to 10:30, M3-05
Drivers of institutional work
Chair: Hugh Willmott
Russ Vince
The unconscious and institutional work
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Gabriele Fassauer and Ronald Hartz
William M. Foster and Maxim Voronov
Longing for institutional work: Nostalgia as a form of institutional control and resistance
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Russ Vince
Gabriele Fassauer and Ronald Hartz
Between the seducement and agony of mutual recognition. The emotional dimension of "struggles for recognition" as driver of institutional work
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): William Foster and Maxim Voronov
Session V: Friday, July 04, 14:00 to 15:30, M3-05
Resistance and Cooptation
Chair: Maxim Voronov
Folker Müller and Alexander Martin
Institutionalized commitment: Critical remarks on the normatizing of emotions
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Helle Bjerg and Nana Vaaben
Helle Bjerg and Nana Vaaben
A declaration of love as counter-strategy. A fantasmatic analysis of the management of work, time and teachers.
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Folker Mueller and Alexander Martin
Session VI: Saturday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, M3-05
Emotions as Resources
Chair: Jaco Lok
Gazi Islam, Charles-Clemens Rüling and Elke Schüßler
Configuration and Communitas in Institutional Change: Emotion as Ritual at the United Nations Climate Change Summits
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Lee Jarvis and Elizabeth Goodrick
Sophie Michel
Emotions as resources to restore the legitimacy: A one case study of a fruit and vegetables wholesaler
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Gazi Islam et al.
Lee Jarvis and Elizabeth Goodrick
Moving institutional mountains: Emotional responses to backstage revelations
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Sophie Michel
Session VII: Saturday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, M3-05
Anger and Outrage/Summing Up and Moving Forward
Chair: Maxim Voronov
Ryann Manning
A place for emotion: How space structures nurse-parent interactions in West African pediatric wards
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Robin Burrow and Christalla Yakinthou
Robin Burrow and Christalla Yakinthou
The role of emotion in establishing, maintaining and subverting systems of domination and subjugation in high-end kitchens
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Ryann Manning
After the two papers are presented, there will be a brief summing up session to discuss future directions.