Organization Studies goes to the top of the stack because it is such a reliable source of thoughtful scholarship. Authors get into the pages of this journal by reflecting deeply on issues. There is less running after transient ‘mainstreams’, and more willingness to enact meaningful discourse that people should take seriously. Organization Studies features ‘seasoned inquiry’ in the best sense of that phrase. It dominates that niche hands down.”

Karl E. Weick
Rensis Likert Distinguished University Professor of Organizational Behavior and Psychology
University of Michigan Business School, USA
Former Editor of Administrative Science Quarterly


Organization Studies makes possible conversations between organizational theorists who view their worlds quite differently and who use diverse methodologies. In so doing, it allows organizations to be places where living people have experiences that evoke feelings and ideas.”

William Starbuck
Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior, & ITT Professor of Creative Management
Stern School of Business, New York University, USA
Former Editor of Administrative Science Quarterly


“I am a great admirer of Organization Studies. Its issues contain articles with new ideas, analysis that is rigorous, empirical methodologies that are sound and helpful ideas relevant to thoughtful practitioners.”

Chris Argyris
Professor Emeritus at Harvard University Business School, USA
‘Thought Leader’ at Monitor Group


Organization Studies has for years been a place where some of the finest European scholarship has been published. Under new leadership, the journal is reaching out to scholars worldwide, encouraging us to submit articles, participate in the review process, and join in a global scholarly interchange. For too long, the Atlantic has served as a barrier for many of us; let’s experiment with changing this.”

Joanne Martin
The Fred H. Merrill Professor Emerita of Organizational Behavior and, by courtesy, Sociology
Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA


Organization Studies is an exemplar of quality publishing in organization theory. Its success has helped enormously to build the more creative and confident European management research community we now have. I am confident OS will retain its European distinctiveness while becoming a premier publishing outlet for the best scholarship from throughout the world. OS can make a difference both in intellectual and policy terms and I have great hopes it will.”

Andrew Pettigrew
Professor of Strategy and Organisation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Former Dean of the University of Bath School of Management, UK


“…Organization Studies has consistently been one of the most innovative, interesting and stimulating journals in the field. A great strength is its having never been too closely identified with any one school of thought but its being open to many different currents, not just intellectually but also multi-culturally and multi-nationally: it represents not only European scholarship – its homeland – but has shown that it is also open to ideas and research from elsewhere.”

Stewart R. Clegg
Professor of Management and Research Director of the Centre for Organisation and Management Studies
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia


Organization Studies welcomes a broad range of theoretical perspectives and methods that allow it to offer a stimulating array of provocative ideas and important research findings. Its historic roots in European scholarship give this journal a unique flavour that invites some of the most compelling and innovative work from around the world.”

Mary Jo Hatch
Professor Emerita of Commerce at McIntire School of Commerce
University of Virginia, USA


Organization Studies is the leading European journal in the field, publishing significant contributions to all areas. In particular, it publishes wide ranging and innovative studies dealing with important intellectual issues without being constrained by specialist boundaries or narrow conceptions of social scientific research.”

Richard Whitley
Professor Emeritus of Organisational Sociology
Manchester University Business School, UK


Organization Studies is a theoretically eclectic journal, at the cutting edge of theory, more willing than other journals to take epistemological risks and engage in a variety of methods, both inductive and deductive. It is a ‘smart read’.”

Kathleen M. Eisenhardt
Professor of Strategy and Organization
Stanford University, USA


“The field of organization and management theory is not widely recognized for its scholarship, indeed the idea may appear oxymoronic to many. Perhaps this is because the violent abstractions that underpin much of what is regarded as scholarly and disciplined around this field have been successfully claimed by other disciplines – microeconomics, psychology, systems analysis, etc. But the tide is turning, has been turning for a couple of decades. Social construction theories, bounded rationality, decision-making bias, the sociology of knowledge, new institutional economics, the impact of emotion, knowledge-based approaches, etc., this is the way to our future scholarship, if only because closing the gap between the abstractions and managerial practice is crucial if we are to avoid being tossed into the dustbin of history. A moment spent with our literature shows that Organization Studies is one of the few globally recognized journals with a broad enough view and methodological agenda to be able to capture the attention of those leading us into this future.”

JC Spender
Visiting Professor at several Universities in Europe and in the US
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Organization Studies is one of the most exciting and provocative journals in our field. An authoritative source of new theoretical perspectives and solid, ground-breaking research, the journal dramatically shapes our intellectual efforts to understand organisations.”

Georg von Krogh
Professor of Management and Director of the Institute of Management
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


“The arrival of Organization Studies on my desk always causes me a frisson of excited anticipation. This is the journal where some of the most far-reaching, provocative and influential ideas on organizations get their first airing. It is also the journal that has defined an academic field which is gradually moving to the forefront of the social and human sciences.”

Yiannis Gabriel
Professor Emeritus of Organizational Theory
School of Management, University of Bath, UK


“The most important forum for the organization researchers in Europe, Organization Studies is renowned as much for its openness, paradigm tolerance and breadth, as for the impeccable quality of its contributions.”

Barbara Czarniawska
Professor of Management Studies
Gothenburg University School of Business, Economics and Law, Sweden


Organization Studies continues to play a leading role in developing a distinctively interdisciplinary, diverse European approach to organization scholarship that simultaneously bridges North American traditions and debates. Its Special Issues on key and emergent topics make a particularly strong contribution to the field.”

Hugh Willmott
Professor of Management and Organization Studies
Cass Business School, City, University of London, UK


Organization Studies is an important and well-cited journal, with a European flavour and style. It provides a critical outlet for papers falling in the Organisation–Stragety interface and fills an important gap in our knowledge about organisational processes and strategy.”

Howard Thomas
Professor of Strategic Management
Former Dean of Warwick University Business School, UK