EGOS Privacy Policy [May 2018]

Various EGOS activities managed via this website (e.g., EGOS member database, organizing your participation in the annual EGOS Colloquium, EGOS community development activities, free access to journals related to EGOS including the journal Organization Studies) require that you set up a profile with your contact details and a minimum of personal information. Being able to communicate with you in a meaningful and effective way is essential for EGOS membership. 
This profile, which you will be able to find under “MyEGOS” once you have logged into the website, contains all of the information EGOS is collecting about you.

Here is what we are using it for:

  • We are using your email address to send you occasional messages containing essential information with regard to the EGOS Colloquium, your membership (e.g., yearly renewal notice), the administration of our association (e.g., election of EGOS Board members, voting on our financial statements, messages from the EGOS Chair), or EGOS community development activities in collaboration with affiliated associations (e.g., Organization Studies workshops, PROS, LAEMOS, APROS, EGOS–OMT workshop activities).
  • We are sending your contact details to our publisher SAGE so that you are able to access journals related to EGOS (such as Organization Studies) online or receive the printed version of the journal (if this was your preferred option). Your email address will also be used by SAGE to inform you about the content of the latest issue and OnlineFirst articles (of course, you can unsubscribe from the SAGE e-alert at any time). SAGE are not allowed to use this information for any other purpose, nor can they share it further.
  • Through an API, we can confirm and share with the local organizers of our annual EGOS Colloquium whether your membership is active. This interface is important to organize registration for the EGOS Colloquium in a smooth way.
  • We can put members in contact with each other through our EGOS app chat function (without sharing any of your personal information with others, of course).

Here is what you can do about it:

  • You can always review and change the information you provided by logging into the “MyEGOS” section on the EGOS website.
  • You can ask EGOS to delete your record entirely by sending an email to However, this will effectively cancel your EGOS membership as we would not be able to further administer your membership and would have no means of communicating with you.
  • You can refuse to have your contact information sent to SAGE, knowing that this will prevent them from giving you journal access.
  • You can decide you no longer want to be reachable through the EGOS app chat function.
As you fully understand, many of the services EGOS provides require an effective way of communication (for instance, how could we otherwise tell you that your paper is accepted?). But you are of course still welcome to use all open parts of this website without becoming a member.
At any rate, you have full control: Just log into the membership area of our website and decide under “MyEGOS” which information beyond the minimum contact information you wish to share with us, and which not.
If you have any questions about the EGOS Privacy Policy, please contact the EGOS Executive Secretariat at: