Catering and Social Responsibility

The American College of Greece champions and supports practices and activities that promote Sustainable Development. We have several recycling points located throughout the campus and on each floor of the DEREE building.  Please join us in using them. If you use the swimming pool, please turn off the water when you do not need it. We have installed water-saving shower heads and faucets, but we still need your help to conserve water.

If you have a few minutes and wish to tour the campus, please consider visiting the Mediterranean green roofs at the kiosk infont of the Deree JSB Libary and on the roof of the Art Center.

Extra (leftover) food will be dispatched to people in need.  ALBA Graduate Business School and ARIA Catering cooperate with Boroume:

“BOROUME is a non-profit organisation that fights food waste by organizing the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece. …BOROUME is a communication hub between food donors and welfare organizations (welfare institutions, soup-kitchens, municipal social services) that creates “bridges” between those who have surplus food and wish to donate it and those who need it.In the three years of its operation, BOROUME has created thousands of such “bridges”, often of permanent nature, and today offers on average more than 3.000 portions of food per day through its network.Through its innovative model of utilizing food that otherwise would end in the garbage, its educational program and its awareness campaigns, BOROUME aims at creating a social movement against food waste.”