First time users

If you are visiting EGOS for the first time – i.e. you

  • have never been an EGOS member, or
  • never uploaded a short paper for one of the previous EGOS Colloquia, or
  • never attended an EGOS Colloquium before –

you first of all need to become a registered user of the EGOS website.


This step is necessary in order to upload sub-theme proposals for EGOS Colloquia or short papers to EGOS Colloquia sub-themes or to apply for one of the pre-Colloquium workshops.

EGOS members and returning users

If you

  • were an EGOS member formerly,

  • have submitted a short paper for one of the EGOS Colloquium sub-themes, or

  • have attended an EGOS Colloquium before,

then you are most likely already a registered user of our online services.


You can therefore proceed directly to EGOS membership payment:

  • Log in to the EGOS website with your email address [or your EGOS member number] + your password.

  • Your “MyEGOS” opens: click on “MyPayments”. – Please note: via this site, you can change the address to which the invoice should be sent!

  • Click on “EGOS Membership Application/Renewal”.

  • Select your membership type: either “EGOS Full Membership”, or “EGOS (PhD) Student Membership”, or “EGOS Emeritus Membership”.

  • Click on “Continue” at the bottom of this site.

  • A new window opens: choose either “Online Payment” or “Bank Transfer”.

Not sure why you should become an EGOS member?

There are many good reasons to join the EGOS community.
See at the bottom of this page to learn more about these benefits.

EGOS registration form



Membership Pricing

EGOS Sustaining* Membership is EUR 150 for 12 months
[EUR 195 for Organization Studies print version]
* The Sustaining membership category is entirely voluntary. The extra money collected serves to subsidize membership and colloquium fees for colleagues from low-income countries.

EGOS Full Membership is EUR 125 for 12 months
[EUR 170 for Organization Studies print version]

EGOS Student/PhD Membership is EUR 65 for 12 months
[EUR 110 for Organization Studies print version]

EGOS Low-Income Country* Membership is EUR 10 for 12 months
[EUR 55 for Organization Studies print version]
* The Low-Income Country membership category is reserved for academics and Ph.D. students who cannot afford regular prices. Please see our Inclusivity page to check if it applies to your case and for further information.

EGOS Emeritus Membership is EUR 65 for 12 months
[EUR 110 for Organization Studies print version]

Good Reasons for Joining EGOS

Annual international Colloquium

  • The EGOS association organizes an annual Colloquium, which is distinguished by its international participation and its intellectual and scholarly contribution to science.
  • Participants at an EGOS Colloquium are part of an academic forum and meet with scholars to discuss academic topics at the forefront of organizational theory.
  • Researchers are given the opportunity to launch international workgroups.


  • The official journal of EGOS – Organization Studies – is published by Sage Publications.
  • This enables organizational scholars to publish in a high-quality refereed journal with worldwide acclaim.
  • EGOS members receive Organization Studies and/or have online access to Organization Studies and 40+ other important scientific publications from the member area of the EGOS website.

Access to MyEGOS on the EGOS website

  • Being a member of EGOS your can search for data on EGOS members in the EGOS website's MyEGOS area using your EGOS member number and password.

International projects

  • EGOS helps to develop international projects within multinational teams, thereby advancing comparative organizational research and international cooperation in the field of organizational studies.


  • EGOS is dedicated to supporting the new generation of organizational researchers. It provides pre-conference workshops for doctoral studies and tutorials, it enhances the exchange of PhD students with other universities within the organization studies community.
  • EGOS is gradually facilitating the formation of European professional labour markets in the field of organizational studies (placement roster).

European representation

  • One important aim of EGOS is to be a potential partner for the European Union institutions concerned with academic and educational topics.
  • EGOS follows up the political dimension of academic work within Europe according to programs and other activities initiated by the European Union.
  • EGOS aims to contribute to the design of future programs at European level.