Transportation to and from the Venue

(The American College of Greece, Aghia Paraskevi Campus, 6 Gravias Street)

All of the Pre-Colloquium and Colloquium sessions will run at The American College of Greece.

The Pre-Colloquium social events, as well as the Wednesday Colloquium reception, will be hosted on Campus.


Directions from Athens City Centre to the Aghia Paraskevi Campus are provided, as the hotels booked for the Colloquium are downtown. 

Access to the Campus is pretty straightforward.  The distance between the City Center (Syntagma Square) and the Campus is approximately 11 kilometers.


There are different ways of getting to the venue.  The preferred one consists of two steps (as shown on the map that follows):








STEP 1: From the City Centre (Syntagma Square) to Nomismatokopeio (the thin blue line on the map that follows, Metro Line 3).  The ticket is €1.20 and can be used for 70 minutes on any means of public transport.  Most of the Colloquium hotels are located close to the Blue Metro Line 3 stations).


STEP 2: From Nomismatokopeio to the Campus (the thick blue line one the map that follows).  For this second step there are three options:

  • Shuttle busses that will run for the Colloquium will run for the Colloquium from 7:45 to 8:30 taking delegates to the campus, as well as at the end of each day's work, taking delegates to Nomismatokopeio.


Please note that this will be a ‘first come, first served basis’.

Click here to see the bus schedule

  • Public transport: Crossing Messogeion Avenue, as soon as coming out of the Metro Station, there is a bus stop.  There are three buses to and from a bus stop close to the Campus: B5, 406, 407
  • Taxi: especially if shared.  The taxi fee for the Nomismatokopeio-Campus route is approximately €3.50.  There is a convenient smart phone application to call a taxi: Taxibeat.


Please allow 45 to 55 minutes for the full route.

City Center – Campus (to and from): Metro (thin blue line, Line 3) & Bus: B5, 406 or 407 (thick blue line)




Nomismatokopeio Metro Station – The Campus by Bus:The detailed view (dotted line: on foot)






Further sources of information on Transportation:

With an urban population of more than 4 million people, Athens is the capital of Greece and the 4th most populous capital in the E.U. with a large, modern mass transit system to serve the needs of residents and visitors. It consists of:

  • City buses
  • Electric trolley-buses
  • Athens Metro
  • Athens Tram, and
  • Athens Suburban railway.


Athens is close and conveniently linked through public transport with the countryside and with the Aegean islands.  Athens is connected to even the remotest destinations through the Athens International Airport, the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio, the national railway network operated by TRAINOSE and, the long-distance bus network KTEL.