EGOS Women's Network Meeting 2018

Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 15:00–17:00

Estonian Business School (EBS) • A. Lauteri 3 • 10114 Tallinn

Encouraged by the very successful meetings of the EGOS Women's Network since 2008, another Women's Network Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at the Estonian Business School (EBS).

Coffee and tea will be available in room 403 from 15:00–15:30.
At 15:30, the two parallel Round Table sessions will start (see below).

Please note: only for those who have enrolled either for Round Table A or Round Table B!

Round Table A – Room 403

Surfing the Feminist ‘Waves’: Working Together Across the Generations

Chair: Nancy Harding (University of Bath, School of Management, United Kingdom) and Jackie Ford (Durham University Business School, United Kingdom)

‘Second’, ‘Third’ and ‘Fourth’ Wave feminisms imply the existence of sharp distinctions between generations of women. But is this necessarily the case? How can the different generations of women working in academia learn from and support each other?

  • What struggles did women face in the 1970s/80s that continue to be faced by women today?

  • What new struggles do women now experience, and are they different in kind or in expression/magnitude?

  • What can younger women (fourth wave feminists) learn from their predecessors?

  • What can second and third wave feminists learn from their successors?

  • What advice and insights can each generation offer the others?

  • How can we all support and help each other?

In this Round Table A, colleagues from different age groups and with a range of experiences will be invited to actively listen to and hear each other’s experiences and will explore ways of drawing on each other’s strengths and contributions to strengthen women’s voices in academia.

  • Nancy Harding is now Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Bath’s School of Management (UK), but she started her working life as a typist and working on production lines in factories before becoming a mature student and, eventually, an academic. Her research and teaching focuses on critical approaches to understanding organizations, particularly working lives. Her papers have appeared in many of the expected academic journals. Her books include a planned trilogy exploring the manager (Routledge, 2003), the employee (Routledge, 2013) and ‘the organization’ (2018/19 and counting). Her greatest ever accolades came from her grandsons, who used to say she was ‘amazing’. Now they are older they are more discriminating and no longer thinks she walks on water.
  • Jackie Ford is Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies at Durham University Business School (UK) and has held various academic posts over the last 24 years, having spent the previous decade in a range of managerial roles in the English NHS. Throughout her career, Jackie has fostered a long-established passion for her work in critical leadership studies and in gender, diversity and organization theory and she has been committed to develop this research, informed by her interests in feminist, critical, and psycho-social research methods and approaches that enable rich interpretive accounts of experiences of working and organizational life.

Round Table B – Room 407

The Search for Balance: A Never-ending Story?

Chair: Henriett Primecz (Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary)

Publishing pressure and high expectations from students and program managers make academic life difficult. Besides the pressures of work, the relative freedom of choosing work time, and blurred boundaries between private and work life due to the recent development of ICT result in an imbalance between work and life. Caring responsibilities are rarely distributed equally between men and women, and pressures from the academic world are demanding.

  • What are your experiences in combining academic work and private life?

  • How do you handle pressures from research, students and administration?

  • How do you handle urgent work expectations?

  • Can you slow down to focus on research, deep thoughts, and original ideas, when academic life - both research and teaching - is already speeding up?

  • Can you be off work at any time?

  • How does your private life cope within these conditions?

  • Henriett Primecz is an Associate Professor at Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary). Her main research and teaching areas are Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational Studies, Gender and Diversity. She has published several papers in Hungarian and international journals (e.g. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, Journal of Asia Business Studies, Organizational Research Methods), and was involved in organizing streams for the Critical Management Studies Conference and for EGOS.