Meet the Editors

The Meet the Editors sessions will take place on Thursday, July 4, 2024, 17:45–19:00 CEST.

University of Milan-Bicocca  | Building U6
Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo, 1 | 20126 Milano


17:45–18:15 CEST

Presentation of the EGOS journals Organization Studies (OS) and Organization Theory (OT)

Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-09
Chair: Alessandro Sancino
Editors-in-Chief: Joep Cornelissen & Markus Höllerer (OT), Paolo Quattrone & Tammar B. Zilber (OS)

18:15–19:00 CEST

Speed-date sessions

In these sessions, three journals are grouped in each room. Sessions are expected to be highly interactive, leaving space for Q&A from the audience. Journal representatives might still provide 1–2 introductory slides with key information.

  • Group 1 – Chair: Barbara Imperatori
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-09

Organization Theory – Joep Cornelissen & Markus Höllerer, Editors-in-Chief
Organization Studies – Paolo Quattrone & Tammar B. Zilber, Editors-in-Chief

  • Group 2 – Chair: Gianluigi Viscusi
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01a

Academy of Management Review – John Amis, Editor
European Management Review – Michael Morley, Editor-in-Chief
Journal of Supply Chain Management – Andreas Wieland, Editor-in-Chief

  • Group 3 – Chair: Paolo Canonico
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01b

Academy of Management Journal – Juliane Reinecke, Associate Editor
European Management Journal – Almudena Cañibano, Associate Editor
International Journal of Management Reviews – Martin Friesl, Associate Editor

  • Group 4 – Chair: Elisabetta Marafioti
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01c

Strategic Management Journal – Giada Di Stefano, Associate Editor
Strategy Science – Violina Rindova, Senior Editor
Strategic Organization – Charlotte Cloutier, Editor

  • Group 5 – Chair: Alessandro Sancino
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01d

Academy of Management Perspectives – Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens, Associate Editor
Business Ethics Quarterly – Frank den Hond & Mollie Painter, Editors-in-Chief
Journal of Business Ethics – Michelle Greenwood & Gazi Islam, Editors-in-Chief

  • Group 6 – Chair: Mattia Martini
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01e

Academy of Management Discoveries – Zhike Lei, Associate Editor
British Journal of Management – Clare Rigg, Associate Editor
Journal of Organizational Sociology – Michael Grothe–Hammer, Editor-in-Chief

  • Group 7 – Chair: Alessia Sammarra
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-01f

Human Relations – Yasin Rofcanin, Associate Editor
Organization – Patrizia Zanoni & Marcos Barros, Editors-in-Chief
Management Learning – Michal Izak, Associate Editor

  • Group 8 – Chair: Luca Quaratino
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-11

Academy of Management Learning and Education – Dirk Lindebaum, Editor
Journal of Management Studies – Paolo Aversa, Associate Editor
Journal of Management – Elisa Operti, Associate Editor

  • Group 9 – Chair: Caterina Muzzi
    Location: Building U6 | Ground floor | Room U6-P0-12

Administrative Science Quarterly – Stefan Arora-Jonsson, Editor
Gender, Work & Organization – Alessandra Lazazzara, Associate Editor
Human Resource Management Journal – Zeynep Y. Yalabik, Associate Editor