Paper Development Workshops

The pre-Colloquium Paper Development Workshops will take place on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 9:00–15:00, prior to the 28th EGOS main Colloquium in Helsinki.


These workshops are free of charge!


Please note: if you want to participate in the subsequent main EGOS Colloquium (July 5–7, 2012), you must be registered as an "active" EGOS member. This means that your EGOS membership fee must have already been paid before registering for the main Colloquium (fees).


For more information on each Paper Development Workshop, please click on the links below.

Gender and Diversity

Convenors: Elina Henttonen, Saija Katila, Susan Meriläinen, Regine Bendl



Organizational Institutionalism: Studying Social Agency and Institutions in Local, National and International Contexts

Convenors: Peter Walgenbach, Mike Geppert



Strategy as Practice

Convenors: Johanna Moisander, Chahrazad Abdallah, David Grant, Kathryn Fahy



History and Organization Studies

Convenors: Behlül Üsdiken, Matthias Kipping, Lars Engwall, Kalle Pajunen