Sub-theme 68: Dynamics of Practices, Knowledge and Work in Healthcare Organizations

Marie-Léandre Gomez, Essec Business School, France
Davide Nicolini, Warwick Business School, United Kingdom
Trish Reay, Alberta School of Business, Canada
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, HOW 601 (6th floor)
Chair: Marie-Léandre Gomez
Jacky Swan, Davide Nicolini and Sue M. Newell
Knowledge mobilization in healthcare management: Developing a framework
Karl-Emanuel Dionne
Connecting, converging and converting: The orchestration of collaboration across boundaries in the digital health innovation ecosystem
Nicolas Battard and Sébastien Liarte
Neither centralized nor distributed: A relational construction of care in diabetes
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, HOW 601 (6th floor)
Round Tables
Maximiliane Wilkesmann, Caroline Ruiner, Birgit Apitzsch and Sabine Salloch
“I want to break free” – Locum physicians’understanding of professionalism
Fausto Di Vincenzo and Daniele Mascia
Knowledge development and advice networks in professional organizations
Sarah L. Brand
Knowledge mobilization: The forgotten translational gap
Igor Pyrko, Viktor Dörfler and Colin Eden
Trans-organisational learning across healthcare organisations
Alaz Kilicaslan
Medical imaging at the intersection of healthcare populism, organizational interests and professional struggles: The case of MRI in Turkey
Lea Stadtler and Özgü Karakulak
Boundary organizations in global health partnerships: The challenge of growing as inter-organizational linkage and independent organization
Silke Geithner and Klaus-Peter Schulz
Expansive learning healthcare organizations: The development of a nursing pool from a capacity compensation tool to an organizational learning platform
Kutay Günestepe and Deniz Tunçalp
Sociomaterial dynamics of practices in institutional change: A study from the Turkish healthcare field
Anna Maria Pleser, Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo and Lisa Whitelaw
Managing change in a private healthcare organization: Working towards a desired identity
Paola Roberta Boscolo Chio Bisto and James Barlow
Contested innovative practices and organisational dynamics: The case of home-based kidney dialysis
Janine Lay, Andreas Paul Spee and Martie-Louise Verreynne
Navigating a knowledge boundary in a translational research project in healthcare
Vinayak R. Tripathi, Manish Popli, Pankaj Shah and Gayatri Desai
Let’s talk & act: Communicative action in the frontline workers enactment of organizational strategy
Thim Prætorius and Peter Hasle
An unlikely friendship: Locally developed bureaucracy in hospitals
Valentina Iacopino, Daniele Mascia and Americo Cicchetti
Beliefs and values in the adoption of biomedical innovation: Exploring the impact of organizational identification and professional networks
Lander Vermeerbergen, Aoife M. McDermott and Jos Benders
Ex uno plures: How top management enactments of organization concepts explain practice variation
Janne Seemann and Jeppe Gustafsson
Towards a good health care organization through horizontal integration
Tiina Tuominen, Lars Fuglsang and Mervi Hasu
Relational agency in elderly care work – From co-destruction of value towards active co-creation of a good life
Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei and Régis Martineau
Challenging the bureaucratic pathos: A balanced view of health IT implementation at hospital
Trish Reay and Elizabeth Goodrick
Developing innovative healthcare practices: How do communities matter?
Daniel Massie, Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, Helene Colman and Carsten Hornstrup
Relationship-based practices in organizational change: Reconciling contradictory ideals and pressures
Ian Kessler, Paul Heron and Karen Spilsbury
Workforce structure and the ‘good’ healthcare organisation: Contrasting approaches to the introduction of a new clinical support role
Attila Bruni, Francesco Miele and Enrico Maria Piras
Homemade: Building, mending, and coordinating a care network
Rebecca Taylor, Susan Halford , Ann Teglborg, Alison Fuller and Kate Lyle
Translating employee driven innovations in healthcare: The creative practices of everyday bricoleurs
Zoe Morrison, Rosalind Rae and Lindsay Reid
Clinical knowledge, practice and performance in acute medical units in hospitals in Scotland
Clara Weisshaar, Simon Bailey, Adam Brisley and Thomas Blakeman
Understanding the role of context in healthcare quality and safety initiatives: adopting an institutional perspective
Session III: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: {Title – tba} - Room: HOW 601 (6th floor)
Chair: Davide Nicolini
Davina Allen and Carl May
Translational Mobilization Theory: A practice-based approach to understanding healthcare trajectory coordination
Angela Aristidou
Examining the emergence of a novel organizational form: The implementation of an innovative cross-sector model for integrated health care
Stavros Polykarpou and Michael Barrett
Why place and identity-image tensions matter in organizing for digital innovation: The case of 3D printing in a UK hospital
Parallel Stream B: {Title – tba} - Room: K s71 (ground floor)
Chair: Trish Reay
Jannie Kristine Bang Christensen
Unfolding of telemedicine practices at municipalities, hospitals, and general practice clinics
Marlieke van Grinsven, Stefan Heusinkveld and Jos Benders
Aligning the meaning of lean: Boundary spanning in translation
Louise Fitzgerald, Sue Dopson, Michael D. Fischer, Gerry McGivern and Ewan Ferlie
The micro processes of contextualizing knowledge for knowledge mobilization
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, HOW 601 (6th floor)
{Title – tba}
Chair: Trish Reay
Kajsa Lindberg, Bjørn Erik Mørk and Lars Walter
Material translations and organizing emerging practices: The case of a Hybrid OR.
, Ewan Oiry, Roxana Ologeanu-Taddei and David Morquin
Analyze of uses of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) as a way to better understand practices of healthcare staff in healthcare organizations
Laura Seppänen, Marika Schaupp and Mikael Wahlström
Interpretive reflection in robotic surgery: Towards new learning practices in hospitals
Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: {Title – tba} - Room: HOW 601 (6th floor)
Chair: Davide Nicolini
Simon Cooper, Graeme Currie and Martin Kitchener
Professional networks of middle managers: Acting as social movements to achieve upwards engagement
Liora Moskovitz and Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo
Doing Collective Meaning in the NHS: A Social Movement Perspective on the Dynamics of Change Implementation in Healthcare Organisations
Daniela D'Andreta, Davide Nicolini, Jean Ledger and Ewan Ferlie
Knowledge networking roles and healthcare innovation
Parallel Stream B: {Title – tba} - Room: K s71 (ground floor)
Chair: Marie-Léandre Gomez
Jacqueline Drost, Reinald Minnaar, Ed Vosselman and Koos Wagensveld
The performativity of accounting: How performance measures mediate in a healthcare organisation
Dimitra Petrakaki
Producing communal health through technological self-care: The emergence of digital patient activism
Simone Gutzan and Harald Tuckermann
Beyond the toolbox: "Lean Hospital" as a social practice in a pluralistic organization
Session VI: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, HOW 601 (6th floor)
{Title – tba}
Chair: Trish Reay
Andrea Herepath and Martin Kitchener
Killing them softly: A multi-level analysis of narratives of hope and harm revealing the beneficent and maleficent institutional work enacted during the institutionalisation of a “plan-do-study-act” patient safety practice
Kelly Thomson
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak: Embodied ontological in/security, dramaturgical cooperation and change adoption or resistance
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, HOW 601 (6th floor)
Thoughts for the Future and Wrap-up
Chair: Davide Nicolini
Michael Bresnen, Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey, Paula Hyde and John Hassard
Transforming management practice or maintaining professional distance? Exploring management knowledge mobilization in UK healthcare organizations
Sabina Keston-Siebert, Stacey Bushfield, Graeme Martin and Brian Howieson
The deprofessionalization of doctors through organizational spaces