Sub-theme 17: Values, Entrepreneurship and Organizing

Christian Garmann Johnsen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Saara L. Taalas, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Lena Olaison, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, & Linnaeus University, Sweden
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Entrepreneurship and Ethics
Chair: Bent Meier Sørensen
Per Fors and Thomas Taro Lennerfors
Entrepreneurship as care: The mothering of sustainable ICT innovations
Richard Weiskopf and Paul Zimmermann
Problematizing corruption as moral entrepreneurship. The example of Transparency International
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Community
Chair: Irina Papazu
Eeva Houtbeckers and Maja Korica
Organisational decline and ’The Community’: Promises and pitfalls of heterotopia
Alisa Sydow, Benedetto Cannatelli and Mario Molteni
Contextualizing Causal and Effectual Approaches to Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Ventures in Kenya
Domenico Dentoni, Kim Poldner, Stefano Pascucci and William B. Gartner
Prosocial values, entrepreneurship and community organizing in shared consumption
Session III: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Entrepreneurship and Values
Chair: Richard Weiskopf
Lauri Laine and Ewald Kibler
0 = ∞ = x: Entrepreneurship as a science of fiction
Ditte Vilstrup Holm
Towards a sustainable aesthetics
Annika Skoglund
Ecoticism – ‘Parts and whole’ in the valuation of nature
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Social Entrepreneurship
Chair: Eeva Houtbeckers
Paul Case, Alessia Contu and Nardia Haigh
The embrace between the values in social entrepreneurship and participation in sustainable development
Hui-Fen Chen
Creating values by crafting resources: Multiple bricolage in Yilan Green Expo
Pascal Dey and Chris Mason
Rethinking ‘entrepreneurship as social change’: Entrepreneurship, disruptive truth-telling and utopian imagination
Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
The Self and the Other in Entrepreneurship
Chair: Alessia Contu
Annika Saarikoski
The experiential and emotive constitution of entrepreneuring: A study in existential-phenomenology
Cigdem Asarkaya and Nurgul Keles Taysir
Founder’s background as a catalyst for social entrepreneurship
Aparecida Vasconcelos, Jefferson La Falce and Cristiana De Muÿlder
Social entrepreneurship: Brazilian consumers' perception about B company
Session VI: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Entrepreneurship, Values and Food
Chair: Thomas Taro Lennerfors
Irina Papazu and Mette Nelund
Scaling as an organizational activity: Ethnographic explorations of two Danish sustainability organizations
Astrid Kramer and Marjan Groen
Serving up with a purpose: Unpacking the hybrid identity of sustainable food truck entrepreneurs in the Netherlands
Jens Budtz-Jørgensen, Christian Garmann Johnsen and Bent Meier Sørensen
Against boundarylessness: The liminal career of the flexible employee
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 216 (2nd floor)
Values, Organizing and Bureaucracy
Chair: Mette Nelund
Hallur Tor Sigurdarson
The entrepreneurial value of bureaucracy
Xuanwei Cao and Zhuang Ma
Market-political ambidexterity of sustainable entrepreneurship: An institutional work analysis