Sub-theme 36: Justifications and Governance for Responsibly Developing an Inclusive Society ---> MERGED with sub-theme 54

Andreas Georg Scherer, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Vincent Blok, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Cristina Neesham, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 10:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Introduction & Session 1
Chair: Andreas Scherer & Jean-Pascal Gond [Introduction] & Vincent Blok [Session 1]
Leonie Dendler
Including citizens through consensus conferences: Legitimacy evaluations of a German consensus conference on genome editing
Discussant(s): Peyard et al.
Estelle Peyrard, Cécile Chamaret and Thierry Rayna
Innovating with consumer with disabilities: The ethical challenges of an inclusive innovation process
Discussant(s): Ahokas
10:00–11:00: Introduction

11:00–12:00: Session 1 – Governance of Responsible Innovation for an Inclusive Society
Papers by Dendler; Peyrard et al.

12:00–12:30: Virtual Lunch
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:00 to 20:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session 2, Session 3, & Session 4
Break 1: 17:00 to 17:30
Break 2: 18:30 to 19:00
Chair: Andreas Scherer [Session 2], Christian Voegtlin [Session 3], & Jean-Pascal Gond [Session 4]
Minna Tuulia Ahokas
We are responsible or aren't we – Discursive legitimation of COVID-19 vaccinations
Discussant(s): Dupas-Amory & Bouilloud
Sophie Bollinger and Marion Neukam
Social and solidarity economy: An inspiration to favor disruptive and responsible innovation?
Discussant(s): Koehne & Ivory
Florian Köhne and Sarah Ivory
New wine from an old barrel: The role of collegiality as an inclusive and deliberative governance framework
Discussant(s): Bollinger & Neukam
Morgana G. Martins Krieger and Felipe F. Couto
Urban conflicts and inclusive cities: Towards a decolonial perspective
Discussant(s): Kouamé & Jafary
Saouré Kouamé and Maziar Jafary
Voluntary engagement in corporate philanthropic initiatives for poverty alleviation: Life stories, emotions and justification
Discussant(s): Peeters et al.
16:00–16:30: Session 2 – Responsible Innovation and the COVID-19 Challenge
Paper by Ahokas
16:30–17:00: Group Discussion: Responsible Innovation During COVID-19

17:30–18:30: Session 3 – Governance for the Social Economy
Papers by Bollinger & Neukam; Koehne & Ivory

19:00–20:30: Session 4 – Justifications of Approaches to Inclusive Society
Papers by Krieger Martins & Couto; Kouamé & Jafary; Peeters et al.
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 10:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session 5: From Responsible Innovation to Responsible Business
Chair: Cristina Neesham
Stephanie Villadiego De La Hoz and Emmanuelle Reuter
Authority spillover and the government’s role in bottom-up processes of national legal norm adoption: The case of the Swiss Responsible Business Initiative
Discussant(s): Bwana & Westermann-Behaylo
Robert Bwana and Michelle Westermann-Behaylo
Evaluation of discursive technology innovations for promoting responsibility in global value chains
Discussant(s): Dupas-Amory & Bouilloud
Tristan Dupas Amory and Jean-Philippe Bouilloud
Exploring management through the concept of hegemony: A reflection on the ambivalence of hegemonic “novelty” production apparatuses in consulting firms
Discussant(s): Villadiego De La Hoz & Reuter
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 19:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session 6: Moral Legitimacy, Equality and the Common Good / Wrap-up: Exploring New Research Directions
Chair: Jean-Pascal Gond & Cristina Neesham [Session 6] / Cristina Neesham & Christian Voegtlin [Wrap-up]
Sara Mandray
From classical oikonomia to Christian oikonomia: The Revolution of the common good
Discussant(s): Hinds
Kate Hinds
Philanthropic foundations and the constitution of their moral legitimacy
Discussant(s): Belinga & Ben Daali
Rachelle Belinga and Hoirda Ben Daali
Post-truth organizations and claims for equality: How discursive spaces contribute to the contestation of established knowledge
Discussant(s): Mandray
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)