Book of Condolences: Barbara Czarniawska

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2024-05-17 16:27
Mikołaj Pawlak
Basiu, byłaś dla nas inspiracją. Trudno jest jechać warszawskim metrem nie myśląc o Twoich badaniach...
2024-05-16 04:02
Bruce Kogut
Barbara and I met at MIT in 1981 when she was a visiting scholar at MIT and I was a PhD student having spent 6 months in the GDR, or East Germany, and then several months at the Rand Institute. Barbara was a brilliant colleague, and even though I could not convince her to attend a baseball game, she was a great friend. We met up again when I spent a year at the Stockholm School of Economics, and on other shorter visits too. She taught me a lot, intellectually and about refugee life and resilience, how she moved from country to country, language to language. I am saddened by our loss, and inspired by her strength and commitment to truth. Bruce Kogut
2024-05-14 09:42
Tony Spybey
Very, very sad news of the death of a long standing close friend and also a colleague.
2024-05-13 14:40
Hervé Corvellec
Already missing you.
2024-05-13 14:40
Hervé Corvellec
Already missing you.
2024-05-10 18:09
Trine Lövold Syversen
Thank you for your infectious curiosity, your interest in other perspectives, your meticulous work, which was an inspiration to all of us, and very heartwarming meetings and seminars. I’ll miss you❤️
2024-05-10 11:57
Ulises Navarro Aguiar
We have lost a giant of a woman and a paragon of intellectual curiosity unburdened by disciplinary confines. I was fortunate to be her colleague at GRI. What a congenial master. Thank you for everything, Barbara!
2024-05-09 20:01
Roeland Aernoudts
Thank you for everything. Your inspirational works lives on through all your books and papers. You will be missed.
2024-05-08 15:58
David Sarpong
Amazing scholar. Her Facebook posts got be giggling all the time. May the Great Architect of the Universe grant her a place in the Lodge above.
2024-05-07 18:22
christian huber
barbara was the first academic super-star i ever met in person, and she was an exemplar of an academic. sharp in wits, kind at heart, and always supportive. i owe her much intellectually and personally. i will miss her greatly and so will many others.
2024-05-07 17:07
Martyna Śliwa
Barbara was an inspirational intellectual, someone to look up to and learn from. She was always there for me when I needed advice. Barbara listened, asked questions, and gave thoughtful and helpful answers. Her absence brings enormous sadness but legacy lives on. Odpoczywaj w pokoju, Basiu.
2024-05-07 09:31
Elzbieta Swiecicka
R. I. P.
2024-05-07 08:58
Věra Králová
I didn’t have an opportunity to meet Barbara in person. However, her work and ideas, especially about the time, place and action nets, remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. Thank you, Barbara.
2024-05-07 08:43
Fabian Muniesa
So long, beautiful master.
2024-05-06 17:51
Tammar Zilber
I had known Barbara way, way before I met her – through her books and articles, which were such a delight to read, so inspiring on an intellectual level and also very encouraging, charting the possibility of a qualitative option in what was then a very positivist discipline. Barbara was a model that one could follow. I was fortunate to meet Barbara when I visited the Gothenburg Research Institute. She was the center around which everything gravitated. I had a lovely evening at her house with Ulla (Eriksson-Zetterquist), and dinner and conversation that covered everything from the personal to world polity, from the mundane to the profane. Barbara sent me home with a list of books she recommends I read. None were academic books, but rather fiction and biographies and whatnot. What a model of kindness and curiosity!

2024-05-06 15:17
Paolo Quattrone
I have lost an incredible source of inspiration and also a close friend. We met in Lugano where she accepted our invitation to give a keynote at the first AIDEA-Giovani international conference and been close since then. I was a young doctoral student, she was already BC. We will all miss you!
2024-04-26 16:16
Ann-Christine Frandsen
So much I want to say, but they fall short of a deep sadness. Your generosity at every level, your time, support, food, conversations and thought-provoking ideas among many things, I am for ever grateful for. Thank you for everything. I will miss you.
2024-04-24 13:04
Hugo Gaggiotti
My thoughts, my memories, my writings with Barbara's always "there".... I think I remember every word she said when supervising my PhD. I keep as a treasure all her emails, the photos we exchanged during our meetings at Gothenburg and attending conferences, so many great times in UK, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Gothenburg. I have the feeling I am among of those who were privileged by sharing a close personal and intellectual relation with this great woman.