Sub-theme 09: (SWG) The Lived Experiences of Paradoxes: Passions, Defenses and Competing Demands

Camille Pradies, EDHEC Business School, France
Wendy K. Smith, University of Delaware, USA
Russ Vince, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Experiencing and Exchanging on Paradox
Chair: Russ Vince
Russ Vince and Anne Pässilä
Introduction: A short workshop on paradox and emotion
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Feeling It to Think It: Emotions and Sensemaking to Engage Paradoxes
Chair: Gail Fairhurst
Natalie Slawinski and Wendy K. Smith
Inviting engagement with paradox
Jaclyn Brandhorst and Megan Schraedley
Performing paradoxes: Leveraging tensions and negotiating emotion in a burn unit
Gail Fairhurst and Linda L. Putnam
Analyzing organizational oppositions: Developing a discursively sensitive grounded theory
Session III: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Feeling Tensions Across Boundaries
Chair: Natalie Slawinski
Tobias Hahn, Garima Sharma and Ante Glavas
Your good or mine: Person-organization tensions in CSR and organizational members' contribution to social initiatives
Josh Keller, and David Gomulya
High on collective legitimacy? The paradoxical features of cooperation and competition within the U.S. cannabis industry
Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah
Paradoxical tension and performance in co-opetitive alliances: A moderated mediation model including emotional ambivalence, ambivalence response, and balancing capability
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Paradoxes Pluralism, Institutions and Emotions
Chair: Camille Pradies
Hee-Chan Song and Tima Bansal
A multi-level exploration of the paradoxical tensions in a Buddhist temple
Matthew S. Kraatz and Emily S. Block
Pluralism, values, and the varieties of institutional experience
Hendra Wijaya, Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens and Madeline Toubiana
Finding a place in heaven: How institutional contexts shape emotions and work
Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Paradoxes on the Edge: Managing Difficult Contexts - Room: SP 212 (2nd floor)
Chair: Tobias Hahn
Marion Ligonie and Marie-Léandre Gomez
Living with paradox: A gambling company's shift towards social responsibility
Mamta Bhatt, Guido Berens, Michael Gerard Pratt and Cees van Riel
Examining how church members’ ambivalent identification with the Vatican influences how they practice their faith
Susanne Pankov, Dirk Schneckenberg and Vivek Velamuri
Sharing is profitable – How new ventures manage exogenous paradoxes in the sharing economy
Parallel Stream B: Similarities and Differences: Paradoxical Leadership Across Context - Room: SP D220 (2nd floor)
Chair: Josh Keller
Neha Tripathi, Zhaoli Song and Jinlong Zhu
Dynamics of perceived paradoxical leadership and states of discrete emotions across time
Katsuki Aoki
Vicious and virtuous cycles fuelled by quality-efficiency tensions: Paradox management at the frontline level
Sung-Chul Noh and Kyoung-Hee Yu
The role of emotions in degenerative political processes in pluralistic organizations
Parallel Stream C: Paradoxical Leaders and Leader's Paradoxes - Room: SP D245 (2nd floor)
Chair: Eric Knight
Gaia Grant, Eric Knight and Suresh Cuganesan
Between community and corporate: How the top management team in a refugee advocacy organisation experiences paradoxical demands in strategising
Eugene Sadler-Smith
The paradox of managerial intuition
Karin Link and Barbara Müller-Christensen
Leaders dealing with tension and paradox. Different types of leadership approaches for managing tensions and paradox
James [Jamie] Priestley and Andreas Liefooghe
Leadership's master paradox
Parallel Stream D: Everything Old is New Again: Innovation and Paradox - Room: SP D420 (4th floor)
Chair: Romain Buquet
Corinna Galliano and Jane K. Lê
When paradox has no structure: Living paradox in emerging organizations
Romain Buquet and Jean-Philippe Bouilloud
The paradoxes of entrepreneurs as drivers of commitment
Aneka F. Sufi
The role of paradoxes in incumbent response strategy in the context of disruptive innovation
Anika Stephan and Philipp Bubenzer
Going rogue for the love of the firm: The paradox of organizational identification in hidden innovation projects
Parallel Stream E: Creative Industries: Structured Conditions for Spontaneous Novelty - Room: SP D439 (4th floor)
Chair: Tatbeeq Raza-Ullah
Margot Leclair
Odd couple: The lived experience of the creative with the economic
Ieva Rozentale and Peter van Baalen
Designing business models for paradoxical goals: Lessons from creative service firms
Asmita Manchha and Natalya Monaghan
Emotions, paradoxes, tension and employees’ lived experiences in open-plan offices
Session VI: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Pushing the Boundaries of Paradox Theory
Chair: Matthew S. Kraatz
Camille Pradies, Philippe Véry and Bertrand Monnet
Kidnapped in the line of work: Paradoxes and resilience
Stephanie Kaudela-Baum, Sheron Baumann and Peter Kels
Mapping the paradox theory-based teaching terrain for innovation management education: A qualitative meta-synthesis
Jane K. Lê and Marianne W. Lewis
My baby died: Balancing paradoxical roles of grieving parent & competent professional
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, SP 212 (2nd floor)
Looking Back to Look Forward: Renewing Paradox Theory
Chair: Wendy K. Smith, Marianne Lewis & Lotte Luscher
Anne Pässilä and Russ Vince
Feeling perplexed: The paradoxes of building equality and participation in public services