Sub-theme 68: Power and Inequality: Organizing and Organization in Transforming Societies and Emerging Economies

Anna Soulsby, Nottingham University Business School, UK
Rainhart Lang, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Thomas Steger, University of Regensburg, Germany
Session I: Thursday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, Biologia 5
Inequalities and Developing Societies
Chair: Rainhart Lang
Bobby Banerjee and Goldie Osuri
Unequal sovereignties: The cultural roots of inequality
Sophie Hooge, Kevin Levillain, Ludivine Guerineau, Anne Bion-Robin and Julie Gautier
Designing exploratory partnerships in Southeast Asia: The challenge of building a sustainable ecosystem to address chronic malnutrition
Session II: Thursday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, Biologia 5
Higher Education and Economic and Social Inequalities
Chair: Anna Soulsby
Max Stephenson and Laura Zanotti
International aid, development and higher education: An analysis of one initiative in rural Haiti
Ali Danışman and Miraç Savaş Turhan
How does macro-level transformation reflect on micro-level organizational change: A case analysis of a private school in the Turkish education field
Charmi Patel, Pawan Budhwar, Laxmi Budhwar and Sara Chaudhry
True equality is still elusive: Case of affirmative action program in higher education in India
Session III: Thursday, July 07, 16:00 to 17:30, Biologia 5
Corporate Governance and Leadership
Chair: Thomas Steger
Aylin Ataay
The impact of CEO change on top management teams’ composition: Evidence from an emerging market
Rainhart Lang, Irma Rybnikova and Rita Toleikiene
Leadership dilemmas in local government contexts in Germany and Lithuania
Zlatko Nedelko and Vojko Potocan
How value power influences on democratic leadership style: A comparison of Austria and Slovenia
Session IV: Friday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, Biologia 5
Construction and Reconstruction of Power and Inequality
Chair: Rainhart Lang
Thomas Steger and Rainhart Lang
More than just storytelling? Power, inequality and domination in empirical management research on Central and Eastern Europe
Anna Soulsby
Organizational heroes: the control of managerial legitimacy and organizational history
Amit Dhiman, Shreyashi Chakraborty and Leena Chatterjee
Beyond institutional isomorphism: Analysing the rationales of gender diversity management in Indian workplaces
Session V: Friday, July 08, 14:00 to 15:30, Biologia 5
Power and Inequality in Cross-national Contexts
Chair: Rainhart Lang
Valéry Krylov and Vincent Montenero
The difficulty of entering the Russian automotive market: The role of local institutions and actors
Julie Lorenzen, Laurence Romani, Lotte Holck and Sara Louise Muhr
Stereotypes emerging in structural gaps: Reproduction of inequality in a postcolonial power setting
Farah Shakir and Mikael Sondergaard
Can traditions of low organizational inequality live and work well in a context of high hierarchical inequality? A study of misfit in power relations
Session VI: Saturday, July 09, 09:00 to 10:30, Biologia 5
Public Sector, Local Government and Education
Chair: Thomas Steger
Laurence Romani, Julie Lorenzen, Lotte Holck and Sara Louise Muhr
Expatriate's and host country national's professional learning in adverse conditions: A case study of Danish police offciers stationed in Greenland
Ayon Chakraborty, Abhishek Totawar and Papri Nath
Largest mobile manufacturing unit – Curtains down: an abrupt closure
Charles Kirschbaum
Resistance towards test data accountability: A study among teachers at public schools in São Paulo, Brazil
Session VII: Saturday, July 09, 11:00 to 12:30, Biologia 5
Foundations, Civil Society and the State
Chair: Anna Soulsby
Mariana Bogdanova
The making of professionals: Embedded civil society development in a transition country
Stefanie Wüstenhagen and Simon Oertel
Breaking with traditions: The role of radical institutional change on the diffusion of new governance forms
Vanessa Brulon Soares and Alketa Peci
Fields of power and organizing: The bureaucratic field of State in Brazilian favelas