Sub-theme 47: Do 'Good' (or 'Bad') Emotions Equate to 'Good' (or 'Bad') Organizations?

Dirk Lindebaum, Cardiff Business School, United Kingdom
Yiannis Gabriel, School of Management, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Deanna Geddes, Fox School of Business, Temple University, USA
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, M A112 (1st floor)
Introduction to the Theme
Chair: Deanna Geddes
Annette Clancy and Russ Vince
The return of the suppressed: How disavowed emotions continue to influence organizations
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Anna Stevenson
Prue Burns, Graeme Currie and Ian McLoughlin
Shame, disembedment, and transformation: A process model of constructive and destructive shaming in organisational improvement
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Lianne Lefstrud
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, M A112 (1st floor)
Representations of Organizations and Emotion
Chair: Yiannis Gabriel
Verena Eichel
Images of a “good organization” – How to successfully manage the discrepancy between external and internal branding
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Elena Gudova
David M. Boje and Grace Ann Rosile
Critical realism storytelling inquiry into shamanic and capitalistic ways of emotion in TrumpLand
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Mark Stein
Vanessa Bernauer, Barbara Sieben and Axel Haunschild
Emotions in luxury work: Their connection to class and gender
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Annette Clancy
Session III: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, M A112 (1st floor)
(Inter-)Personal Relationships and Emotion in and around Work
Chair: Dirk Lindebaum
Sarah Gilmore, Nancy Harding and Jackie Ford
Love, love the job do: But will it love you?
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Anna Mucha
Florian Schulz
Understanding organizational emotions through relationship representation: A study of autonomy and control in a knowledge-intensive service firm
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Paul McGrath
Ana Heloísa da Costa Lemos, Marcelo A.C. Silva and Carlos Henrique Aguiar Serra
Loving one's job: A matter of choice or subjection?
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Sarah Hudson
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, M A112 (1st floor)
Emotion as Key Phenomenon Across Organizational Topics
Chair: Deanna Geddes
Joana Kuntz and Erlend Dehlin
Leading through emotion
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Prue Burns
Hiva Rafiei and Manuela Nocker
Mapping emotions on the project map
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Ashlea Troth
Elena Alexeevna Gudova
“Well, that's the Postal Service!” Production of stories and emotions during organizational change
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Manon Arnaud
Session V: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, M A112 (1st floor)
'Being Worth It' and Emotion Regulation
Chair: Dirk Lindebaum
Ashlea C. Troth, Sandra Lawrence, Peter Jordan and Neal M. Ashkanasy
It depends how you regulate: Positive and negative consequences of anger at work
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Vanessa Bernauer
Greg Molecke and Arthur Gautier
Prosocial decisionmaking in organizations: Harnessing subjectivity to create objectivity
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Joana Kuntz
Anna Mucha
Between emotional norms and self-care: A strategic action perspective on emotional labor
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Sarah Gilmore
Sarah Hudson and Helena V. González-Gómez
The Impostor phenomenon, shame and creativity in organizations
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Ana Heloísa Costa Lemos
Session VI: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, M A112 (1st floor)
Perceptions of and in Organizations
Chair: Yiannis Gabriel
Mark Stein
Whistleblower as lost good self
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Yiannis Gabriel
Paul McGrath and Annette Clancy
Superstition and occupational anxiety: Stories from the field
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): David Boje
Manon Arnaud
Intense workplace disappointment and its potential impact on organization’s perception
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Verena Eichel
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, M A112 (1st floor)
Organizational Collaboration and Social Entrepreneurs
Chair: Deanna Geddes
Anna Stevenson
Narrative constructions of the social entrepreneur: A multi-voiced story
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Hiva Rafiei
Lianne M. Lefsrud, Achim Oberg and Renate E. Meyer
Organizations’ emotions in online climate change debate
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Greg Molecke