Sub-theme 48: More to Talk About: Unexpected Roles of Language in Organizing

Jeffrey Loewenstein, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
William Ocasio, Northwestern University, USA
Eero Vaara, Aalto University, Finland
Session I: Thursday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: Jeffrey Loewenstein
Joshua T. Brown and Patricia H. Thornton
Exploring the relationship between organizational language and organizational growth within a higher education context
Kari Jalonen
Mobilizing institutions in dialogue: crafting situational settlements of institutional complexity through discursive practice
Session II: Thursday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: William Ocasio
Damien Lambert, Bernard Leca and Chrystelle Richard
Contested director elections as celebrity contests: Developing competing discursive strategies to influence voting decisions of investors
Nils Gustafsson, Noomi Weinryb and Cecilia Gullberg
Social media and civil society organizations: Exploring the institutionalization of positive emotional vocabulary
Olga Khessina, J. Cameron Verhaal and Stanislav Dobrev
Emotional names and lives of products in the U.S. craft beer market, 1996–2012
Session III: Thursday, July 05, 16:00 to 17:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Session III.1 - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: Eero Vaara
Harsh Jha
Actors’ field position, sensemaking and action during transformational change in an established professional field
Andrea Carlo Lo Verso
Mapping identity construction in interstitial fields. The case of the nascent Italian civil drone industry
Katarina Larsen
Narratives of centres of excellence: Invisible solar energy or renewable energy transition in a Nordic context
Parallel Stream B: Session III.2 - Room: TLÜ, Terra, T-405
Chair: William Ocasio
Jenni Puroila, Hannele Mäkelä and Johanna Kujala
Reframing materiality in sustainability reporting
Marian Iszatt-White, Andrea Whittle, Gyuzel Gadelshina and Frank Mueller
The Corbyn phenomenon: Ambiguity and ambivalence in the discourse of authentic leadership in the British press
Micki Eisenman and Hamid Foroughi
The role of CEO autobiographies in the maintenance of the institution of social inequality
Session IV: Friday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: Jeffrey Loewenstein
Daniel Milner and William Ocasio
Legitimacy contests and the development of institutional logics: Neoliberalism in Mexico’s petroleum sector
Adi Sapir
Mythologizing the story of a scientific invention: Constructing the legitimacy of research commercialization
Sean Buchanan, Trish Ruebottom and Suhaib Riaz
From fringe to focal: How axiological, methodological and ontological framings impact the prominence of issues in discursive fields
Session V: Friday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30
 A: - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: William Ocasio
Ana M. Aranda, Jonne Guyt and Helen Etchanchu
Applying topic models in organizational research: Methodological and theoretical relevance
Edward G. McKeever and Joanne Larty
An exploration of place as time-space: A Bakhtinian perspective of community organising and entrepreneurship
Elena Bruni, Claudio Biscaro, Anna Comacchio and Cliff Oswick
Metaphors in management research: Retracing streamsto inspire future developments
Isabelle Horvath, Betty Beeler and Marc Bonnet
Understanding language as a mediating tool in cross-boundary collaboration: The case of managers and actors working together to save a theater company
 B: - Room: TLÜ, Terra, T-405
Session VI: Saturday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Session VI.1 - Room: TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: Eero Vaara
Maria Hoff Rudhult
The construction of Swedish Foreign Aid - the formative years between 1961 and 1963
Chuan-Kai Lee, Shu-Chen Chang and Shih-Chang Hung
A discursive perspective on legitimacy building in the Chinese emerging peer-to-peer lending industry: The case of CreditEase
Vitaliano Barberio, Ines Kuric, Edoardo Mollona and Luca Pareschi
Getting out of the ivory tower, institutional organizations’ use of social media to communicate EU policy
Parallel Stream B: Session VI.2 - Room: TLÜ, Terra, T-405
Chair: Jeffrey Loewenstein
Vesa Puhakka and Tuija Mainela
Rhetorical analysis of entrepreneurial opportunity shaping: Grasping how pitch talks convince listeners
Anna Brattström
Voice and punctuation: A process model of conflict enactment in new venture teams
Geneviève Musca, Linda Rouleau, Caroline Mellet, Frédérique Sitri and Sarah de Vogüé
“Working through” paradoxes: The dynamics of texts and talks during the Darwin Expedition
Session VII: Saturday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Astra, A-046
Chair: Jeffrey Loewenstein
Jan Goldenstein, Philipp Poschmann and Herman Stål
Decoupling related to meaning - The communication of core-stigmatized organizations
Rachid Jabbouri, Yann Truong and Dirk Schneckenberg
Narratives of justification: Attribution types of means-ends decoupling in a publicly funded, cooperative R&D project