Sub-theme 17: Diversity and Diversity Management: Beyond the Familiar into the Unexpected

Lotte Holck, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Patrizia Zanoni, Hasselt University, Belgium
Laurence Romani, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
Session I: Thursday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Theoretical Discussions and Empirical Investigations of Diversity with Class as a Key Identity
Chair: Lotte Holck
Samantha Evans and Rebecca Whiting
Working-class heroes? Class as discursive struggle in UK museum work
Gloria Kutscher
It’s all in social class: How diversity unfolds in social-class structure
Jacqueline Tilton
Social class and social networks: How sociocultural class differences affect organizational social networks
Session II: Thursday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Studies Examining the Intersection of Class with other Dimensions of Diversity and the Power Implications of Such Intersections - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Chair: Patrizia Zanoni
Vijayta Doshi, Garance Marechal and Stephen Linstead
A touch of class: Masculinity, social mobility, and embodiment in a feminized occupation
Miguel Morillas and Laurence Romani
How class matters: Boundaries, inequality reproduction, and the integration of skilled migrants
Sandra Bogaers, Koen Van Laer and Patrizia Zanoni
The other ideal employee: Employers’ construction of compliant ethnic minority employees
Parallel Stream B: Gender, Class and Diversity in Different National Contexts - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-226
Chair: Lotte Holck
Chidozie Umeh
The construction of ethnic identity in Nigeria and implications for diversity management
Dr.Asmahan Alsalman, Patrick Reedy and Chidozie Umeh
Perspectives on the intersecting identities of female academics in Saudi Arabia
Alcides Barrichello, Andrea Rodrigues, Karen Baltazar and Fernando Effori de Melo
Minority stress: Does sexual orientation really matter? Challenges to sexual diversity management in Brazilian society
Session III: Thursday, July 05, 16:00 to 17:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: How Diversity and Diversity Management Policies are Shaped by (Sub-)National Cultures and its Power Implications - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Chair: Lotte Holck
Somendra Narayan, Jatinder S. Sidhu and Henk W. Volberda
Caste and regional identities in participatory forest management: Diversity as social separation in institutional initiatives for creating shared value
Taís Colling, Andrea Poleto Oltramari and Maria Beatriz Rodrigues
Colour and gender of work: The ageing of black women in Brazil and the reflections in the family relations
Tyron Love
Organizing indigenous-Māori identities at work
Parallel Stream B: Studies Examining How (Trans-)National Institutions Affect Diversity and its Management, and its Power Implications - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-226
Chair: Laurence Romani
Helena Desivilya, Daniella Arieli and Michal Raz
Managing intricate diversity in academic institution: The case of "triple periphery" in a context of a divided society
Anna Zueva-Owens and Helena Liu
‘Closing the gap’: The depoliticisation of gender inequality
Michal Frenkel and Varda Wasserman
Is gender segregation diversity management? Gender-religion and class intersectionality in women-only colleges
Session IV: Friday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Novel Dimensions of Diversity and its Management (#1) - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Chair: Lotte Holck
Alexander Fleischmann
Challenging class(ifications): A Rancièrian study of an alternative organization as a site for re-imagining difference and equality
Damien Aimar and Jean-François Chanlat
The environment for managing invisible handicap in France: A case study of dyslexic workers’ idiosyncratic skills
Barbara Sieben and Daniela Rastetter
Mapping management research on gender and diversity as a political arena
Parallel Stream B: Novel Dimensions of Diversity and its Management (#2) - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-226
Chair: Laurence Romani
Henriett Primecz and Héléna Karjalainen
Hybridity and bridge through class. The case of African female managers
Laura C. William
The thesis, antithesis and synthesis of models of disability: Perceptions of disabled people
Patrick Bergemann, Zach Heinemann, Sheena Iyengar, Modupe Akinola and Adam Galinsky
Diversity by design: The role of contact and homophily in inducing diverse networks
Session V: Friday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Studies Engaging with the Practices and the Materiality of Diversity - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Chair: Patrizia Zanoni
Yvonne du Plessis, Hamid H. Kazeroony and Tonja Blom
Technology in human resources fuels employee isolationism and hampers managing diversity
Sylvie Chevrier and liece Khalfaoui
The making of an innovation: Disentangling cultural diversity and power inequalities
Stephan Schmucker, Sönke Häseler and Jana Sprengel
The influence of socio-demographic characteristics on individual performance, team selection, and team performance: Does social class matter?
Parallel Stream B: Organizing (Global) Diversity and its Management in Organizations - Room: TLÜ, Mare, M-226
Chair: Laurence Romani
Marios Samdanis and Mustafa Özbilgin
The paradox of atypical leadership: The legitimisation and delegitimisation of diversity
Annette Risberg and Hervé Corvellec
Diversity management implementation and the market for organizational concerns
Alexandre Faria and Ana Guedes
Embracing unexpected semiperipheral alternatives within global diversity management
Session VI: Saturday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Reconceptualizing Inclusion
Chair: Laurence Romani
Cheryl Hurst
The discursive representation of initiatives to increase women in higher education institutions: a critical discourse analysis
Olimpia Burchiellaro
"There's nowhere wonky left to go": Gentrification and the promise of LGBT-friendly inclusion as a 'straightening device'
Dide van Eck, Laura Dobusch and Marieke van den Brink
The organizational inclusion turn and its exclusion of low-wage labor organizations
Session VII: Saturday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Mare, M-218
Gender, Class and Diversity
Chair: Patrizia Zanoni
Marjana Johansson and Adamson Maria
In a class of their own? Exploring gender and (the disappearance of) class in female celebrity executives’ autobiographies
David Dwertmann and Florian Kunze
Migrant status: An overlooked identity
Jonna Louvrier
Meanings of difference in Finland and France: How knowledge about ‘Finns’ and ‘the French’ shape diversity in organizations