Sub-theme 16: Collaborating across Organizational Boundaries: Dealing with Surprises in Distributed Settings

Kristina Lauche, Radboud University, The Netherlands
Hans Berends, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Paul R. Carlile, Boston University, USA
Session I: Thursday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Theorizing Interorganizational Collaboration
Chair: Kristina Lauche
Deborah L. Roberts and Simona Spedale
Towards a relational model ofinterorganisational collaboration: The emergence of knowledge boundaries practicesin open service innovation
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Xavier Castañer, Matthias Mittelechner
Xavier Castañer and Nuno Barros De Oliveira
Publications in collaboration, coordination, and cooperation between organizations (1987–2016): A critical review of their evolution and analysis of their definitions
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Matthias Mittelechner, Deborah Roberts
Matthias Mitterlechner, Anna-Sophia Bilgeri and Johannes Rüegg-Stürm
The collaborative governance of integrated care
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Deborah Roberts, Xavier Castañer
Including sub-theme introduction
Session II: Thursday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Ecosystems and Coopetition
Chair: Paul R. Carlile
Katre Leino
Surprises in cross-sector collaborative projects: How the frame of ‘sustainable protein’ mobilises organisations to engage in sustainable development
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Simone Napolitano, Dennis van Kampen, Huibert de Vries
Simone Napolitano
Trading learning for control or control for learning? The role of power and knowledge in the structuration of emerging ecosystems
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Dennis van Kampen, Huibert de Vries, Katre Leino
Dennis van Kampen, Fleur Deken and Hans Berends
Manoeuvring legacy ecosystems
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Huibert de Vries, Katre Leino, Simone Napolitano
Huibert de Vries, Bernard Walker and Venkataraman Nilakant
Competition and collaboration: How an innovative alliance structure allowed competitors to effectively collaborate across boundaries in a post-distaster city reconstruction environment
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Katre Leino, Simone Napolitano, Dennis van Kampen
Session III: Thursday, July 05, 16:00 to 17:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Strategizing in Interorganizational Settings
Chair: Hans Berends
Fannie Couture and Jane K. Lê
Negotiating meta problems through commensuration. The case of multi-sectoral strategizing
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Hadi Chapardar, Constance Krüger, Thibaut Bardon
Hadi Chapardar and Tima Bansal
The emergence of hybrid collective action
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Constance Krüger, Thibaut Bardon, Fannie Couture
Konstanze Krüger and Claus D. Jacobs
Collective strategizing in an inter-organizational domain - Practices of promoting translational medicine
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Thibaut Bardon, Fannie Couture, Hadi Chapardar
Thibaut Bardon, Florence Villesèche and Nicolas Arnaud
The (surprising) roles of shop-floor conversations in inter-organizational collaboration.
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Fannie Couture, Hadi Chapardar, Constance Krüger
Session IV: Friday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Collaborative and Open Innovation
Chair: Kristina Lauche
Karl-Emanuel Dionne and Chantale Mailhot
Knotting practices across boundaries: Intellectual property and the infrastructuring of open innovation
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Leona Henry, Clare Rigg, Jasper Heeren
Leona A. Henry and Guido Möllering
Let’s take them by surprise: The role of deliberate surprises for coordination in organizational search consortia
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Clare Rigg, Jasper Heeren, Karl-Emanuel Dionne
Clare Rigg, Paul Coughlan, David Coghlan and Denise O'Leary
Organising for innovation – Learning to collaborate across knowledge boundaries
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Jasper Heeren, Karl-Emanuel Dionne, Leona Henry
Jasper Walter Heeren, Henk W. Volberda and Erik de Waard
The role of change agents in open innovation adoption in the Dutch Ministry of Defence: a management innovation process perspective
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Karl-Emanuel Dionne, Leona Henry, Clare Rigg
Session V: Friday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Collaborating with Digital Technologies
Chair: Hans Berends
Kim Hurtta
Distributed digital innovation: Releasing the digital generativity in a public service ecosystem
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Katharina Cepa, Vidya Oruganti, Eugenia Cacciatori
Katharina Cepa
Big data technology and interorganizational dynamics of cooperation and competition
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Vidya Oruganti, Eugenia Cacciatori, Kim Hurtta
Vidya Oruganti and Vincent Mangematin
Platform Ecosystems Orchestrating double-sidedness and role of partner exclusivity
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Eugenia Cacciatori, Kim Hurtta, Katharina Cepa
Eugenia Cacciatori, Paula Jarzabkowski, Rebecca Bednarek and Konstantinos Chalkias
What's in a model? Catalyzing inter-organizational collaboration in terrorism insurance
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Kim Hurtta, Vidya Oruganti, Katharina Cepa
Session VI: Saturday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Distributed Leadership and Emergency Response
Chair: Kristina Lauche
Roman Kislov, Colin A. Lorne, Ruth McDonald, Anna Coleman and Kieran Walshe
Paradoxes, challenges and opportunities of boundary organising
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Christine Carius, Rasmus Dahlberg, Anu Kajamaa
Christine Carius
Emergent temporary interorganizational collaboration among established and emerging organizations: Case study on Munich refugee crisis response
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Rasmus Dahlberg, Ruth Macdonald, Anu Kajamaa
Rasmus Dahlberg and Morten Vendelø
Coordination during temporal collaboration: Surprises and sensemaking in distributed settings
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Anu Kajamaa, Ruth Macdonald, Christine Carius
Anu Kajamaa and Juha Tuunainen
Distributed leadership across organizational boundaries
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Ruth Macdonald, Christine Carius, Rasmus Dahlberg
Session VII: Saturday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, TLÜ, Terra, T-416
Collaborating across Boundaries
Chair: Paul R. Carlile
Siv Vangen
Leadership across organizational boundaries
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Frank Siedlok, Jean-Pascale Gond
Frank Siedlok and Lisa Callagher
Transforming in knowledge transfer: Translating for alignment
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Jean-Pascale Gond, Siv Vangen
Jean-Pascal Gond, Rieneke Slager and Emilio Marti
Why and when do companies respond to backstage negotiations with stakeholders? Insights from shareholder engagement
Discussant(s)Discussant(s): Siv Vangen, Frank Siedlok
Including closing discussion