Sub-theme 06: [SWG] Routine Dynamics: New Ways of Organizing

Luciana D’Adderio, Strathclyde Business School, United Kingdom
Brian T. Pentland, Michigan State University, USA
Waldemar Kremser, Radboud University, The Netherlands
Session I: Thursday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30, OC - G.159
Digitization and Design
Chair: Brian T. Pentland
Rodrigo Valadao, Vern L. Glaser and Tim R. Hannigan
Assembling Frankensteins: How protean tools and provisional artifacts influence routine dynamics
Carmen M. Diaz
Alarming responses to routine disruption
Joanna Kho, Andreas Paul Spee and Nicole Gillespie
Routine disruption and integration: Enacting patterns of augmentation and adjustment through coordination
Yunchen Sun and Fredrik Tell
Designing routines in the digital age
Frithjof E. Wegener and Frido Smulders
On the need to study routine design and the potential role of design experiments
Session II: Thursday, July 04, 14:00 to 15:30, OC - G.159
Transfer and Replication
Chair: Luciana D'Adderio
Charlotte Blanche
The role of corporality in the appropriation and replication of organizational routines - The case of remounting a ballet
Maithily Milind Pendse and Abhoy Ojha
Understanding the process of routine Transfer in managing multiple identities
Suwen Chen and Richard Harrison
Disentangle the double dilemma of social enterprise: From intra-organisation routine adaptation to cross-organisation routine transfer to multi-organisation network creation
Yuanyuan Wu and Paola Perez-Aleman
Re-configuring routines in new product development partnerships
Session III: Friday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, OC - G.159
New Forms of Organizing
Chair: Waldemar Kremser
Reza Mousavi Baygi
Building the wall: Social media and the materialization of collective identity
Meri Jalonen and Kathrin Sele
Innovating through experiments: The epistemic nature of experimenting in practice
Dariusz Osowski
Affordance of new technologies in sales – Opportunities and challenges for new organizational work routines
Farjam Eshraghian and Omid Omidvar
A performative view on boundary spanning in platforms: The case study of cryptocurrencies on GitHub
Session IV: Friday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Capabilities and Routine Dynamics - Room: OC - G.159
Chair: Brian T. Pentland
Márcia Duarte
Materiality of creativity: Organising a musical theatre show in São Paulo, Brazil
Patrick Figge, Edward G. Anderson Jr. and Kyle Lewis
A system dynamics model of top-down and bottom-up routine improvement
Emre Karali, Jatinder S. Sidhu and Henk W. Volberda
A tale of two routine conversations on innovation: Would cross-fertilization of dynamic capabilities and routine dynamics research be a road to fertility?
Marcos V.P. Correa and Adriana Roseli Wünsch Takahashi
Routine dynamics and dynamic capabilities: Improvisation and trial-error-learning in product development
Parallel Stream B: Truces - Room: OC - TR 03
Chair: Luciana D'Adderio
Francis Berenger and Sandra Regina Rocha-Pinto
Routinization in agile methods: Emergence and change of routines in Scrum teams
Sriteja Reddy Wudaru, Gerardo Patriotta and Andrea Prencipe
Routine dynamics in conflict-ridden organisational settings
Sara Öhlin
Materiality of resistance – Interaction and complexity among routines in the Swedish fire and rescue service
Bui K. Petersen
The multidimensional truce: Materiality, process and relationship in routine contract negotiations
Session V: Friday, July 05, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Goal Balancing - Room: OC - G.159
Chair: Luciana D'Adderio
Patrick Sailer
How routinization enables agility: A case study on interdependent agile routines as new ways of organizing project work
Sietske Waslander, Edith Hooge and Henno Theisens
Dynamics in clusters of organisation routines and the logic of complementarity: the case of schedules of Dutch secondary schools
Scott F. Turner, Eugenia Cacciatori, Jeffrey Savage and Laura B. Cardinal
Balancing competing pressures in routines for scientific discovery and invention
Rodrigo Assunção Rosa and Sergio Bulgacov
Routine Dynamics and Resourcing: Changing multiple routines to handle resource constraints
Anke Piepenbrink and Fabio Fonti
Routines dynamics in multi-party alliances
Parallel Stream B: Temporary Organizations - Room: OC - TR 03
Chair: Waldemar Kremser
Susanna Hedborg, Per Erik Eriksson and Tina Karrbom Gustavsson
Horizontal coordinating routines in multi-project contexts: characteristics of an urban development project ecology
Simon Addyman
The spatio-temporal nature of dialogic action in the patterning of organisational routines.
Evelijn Martinius and Alfons van Marrewijk
“Sorting all this spaghetti”. Boundary objects in inter-organizational collaboration in underground infrastructure projects
Marilyn Poon
Organizing practices of journalistic collaborations
Session VI: Saturday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, OC - G.159
Chair: Brian T. Pentland
Dehua Gao
Simulating the role of leadership in artifacts-enabled formation of organizational routines
Lisa Balzarin and Francesco Zirpoli
Experience in organizational routines
Jan Hoekzema, Waldemar Kremser and Daniel Geiger
Granularity matters! Towards a methodological framework for routine studies
Hagen Schaudt, Anja Danner-Schröder and Gordon Müller-Seitz
Organizational routines and emotions – How routine participants thinking, feeling and caring influences the enactment of routines
Jo Ann M. Brooks
What can routine dynamics learn from research on technology and organizing? Reconsidering some units of analysis
Session VII: Saturday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, OC - G.159
- Group Discussion -
Chair: Convenors