Sub-theme 52: Reorganizing (against) Race: Histories of Racialization in Organization

Rashné Limki, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Mrinalini Greedharry, Laurentian University, Canada
Pasi Ahonen, University of Essex, United Kingdom
Session I: Thursday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30, ECCI - Assembly
Theory and Practice of Intersectionality
Chair: rashné limki
Taís Colling, Andrea Poleto Oltramari and Sidinei Rocha-de-Oliveira
Political career considering the Intersectional Theory: The confrontations of Brazilian black women in the parliament
Deborah Jones and Sally Riad
Approaching intersectionality through metonymy: Re-viewing a history of race and gender at work
Helena Liu
Antiracist feminist antidotes to white violences
Session II: Thursday, July 04, 14:00 to 15:30, ECCI - Assembly
Gender is a Foreign Country (They Do Things Differently There)
Chair: Mrinalini Greedharry
Mojdeh Tavanayan, Layla Branicki and Alison Pullen
Towards a compassionate methodology for understanding the racial and gendered lives of professional women in Australia
Emily Cook-Lundgren
Theorizing the persistence of inequality between “expats” and “locals” through the lens of coloniality
Natasha Cooper and Naveena Prakasam
The dialectics of meritocracy and positive discrimination: An insight into the intersections of foreignness and gender
Session III: Friday, July 05, 09:00 to 10:30, ECCI - Assembly
Race as an Organizing Principle
Chair: Pasi Ahonen
Sadhvi Dar and Jenny K. Rodriguez
White governance and whitely governmentality: Critiquing white power in British universities
Deborah N. Brewis
Re-organizing difference: Transformative metaphors for race to trouble equality, diversity and inclusion practice
Suparna Chatterjee
The absent present hauntings of coloniality: Exploring ‘management in the wild’ through the BOP domain
Session IV: Friday, July 05, 11:00 to 12:30, ECCI - Assembly
Race and Organizational Failure
Chair: rashné limki
Holly Ferraro
What does it mean to be safe? Reconceptualizing safety using a racial lens
Guillaume D. Johnson
Sorry, not racist: The racial dynamics of organizational apologia
Samia Saadani and Nicolas Balas
Minority-only: Controversy as a lever of action on/against white fragility
Guilaine S. Kinouani
Formulating racial conflicts at work using psychodynamic theory: A case study
Session V: Friday, July 05, 14:00 to 15:30, ECCI - Assembly
Remembering Race
Chair: Mrinalini Greedharry
Sidinei Rocha-de-Oliveira and Josiane de Oliveira
The history of racial relations in Brazil: contributions of post-colonial analysis for the Organizational Studies
Pacey Foster and Sonia Chien
Reflecting on Rock Against Racism: Anti-racist youth organizing 40 years later
Simon Blanchette and Suzanne Gagnon
‘Masters in our own house’: Governing identity, memory, and the politics of difference in contemporary Québec
Session VI: Saturday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, ECCI - Assembly
Race and Precarious Bodies
Chair: Pasi Ahonen
Julietta Hua and Kasturi Ray
Organizing against antagonisms: Taxi driving, biovitality and labor in the shadow of the Gig economy
Joshua Kalemba
“White people are so dodgy when it comes to giving work to people of other races especially Africans”: A decolonial reading of migrant Black African youth experiences of negotiating un/employment in Newcastle, Australia
Long T. Bui
The “subject” of robots: Connecting automation of work to Asian female labor
Session VII: Saturday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, ECCI - Assembly
(Un)Doing Race
Chair: Mrinalini Greedharry
Jenny K. Rodriguez, Sadhvi Dar and Angela M. Dy
Enlightening higher education through scholar activism: Women of colour demanding inclusion
Toni Wilson
Secrets, sacrifice and survival: Leadership lessons from Black executive women
Vanessa Iwowo and Alessia Contu
Images of otherness: Postcolonial feminism in subaltern silence
Sweta Rajan-Rankin
De-ontologizing race through a new materialist analysis of racial hair: A comparative study of European and Afro-hair salons