Sub-theme 17: Achieving the Potential of Inclusion in Alternative and Democratic Organizations -> HYBRID!

Daniel King, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
Valérie Michaud, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
Simon Pek, University of Victoria, Canada
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Participatory Methods and Critical Performativity
Chair: Daniel King
Elias G. Borgmann
The alternative is metamodern. Tracing a spirit of both critical reflexivity and optimism in a democratizing organization
Discussant(s): Cristina Sousa, Nuno Gil, Felipe Massa
Fiona Ottaviani, Amélie Artis and Luciana Ribeiro
The democratization process of a non-profit organization: From practis to polis
Discussant(s): Tom Morton, Owain Smolović Jones, Nela Smolović Jones
Marc D. Lachapelle
Achieving the potential of inclusion in alternative and democratic organizations: Researching as a performative praxis
Discussant(s): Nilo Coradini de Freitas, Hélène Picard, Marcos Barros
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Inclusion and Marginalized Communities
Chair: Valérie Michaud
Sarah Richard and Marc-André Vilette
A glimpse of what’s happening out there: Moving toward inclusion with the enactment of liminalities in sheltered workshops
Discussant(s): Michaël Séguin, Bianca Briciu, Sahar Zohni, Christine Kouri, Amy MacDonald, Michael Okunlola
Simy Joy, Priya Rajeev, Sumit Mitra and Sumit Mitra
Participatory governance and Inclusion: Experiences of the marginalized groups in Community Based Organizations
Discussant(s): Alice Anberrée, Théo Simon, Emmanuel Coblence, Frédéric Kletz
Simon Pek and Adrien Billiet
Inclusion without representation: Towards a theory of non-formal representation in organizations
Discussant(s): Andrea Carlo Lo Verso, Christina Boari and Paolo Ferri
Session III: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Dark Sides and New Takes on Alternative Organizations
Chair: Simon Pek
Vincent Pasquier and Stéphane Jaumier
Hatred of online democracy? Analysing the moderation practices of a trade union on Facebook
Discussant(s): Valentina Mele, Rebecca Kirley, Sonia Ospina
Mélissa Boudes, Christelle Perrin, Markolf Canisius Jossou, Annie Banikema and Cédric Gossart
Cultivating inclusion and harvesting exclusion? A case study of an anarchist food cooperative
Discussant(s): Anna M. Galazka
Valérie Michaud, Mylène Pinard-L'Abbée and Mylène Pinard-L'Abbée
Too much of a good thing? Revisiting participation in alternative organizations through permaculture
Discussant(s): Elias Borgmann
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Regenerative Approaches
Chair: Daniel King
Aingeru Ruiz and Frédéric Dufays
Cooperative regeneration and degeneration within the global market: a Mondragon case study
Discussant(s): Amélie Artis, Fiona Ottaviani, Luciana Ribeiro
Josephine Matthews and Maximilian J.L. Schormair
Exploring the role of democratic deliberation in regenerative organizations
Discussant(s): Marc D. Lachapelle
Jean-Baptiste Litrico, Guilherme Azevedo, Céline Louche and Warren Nilsson
The kitchen, the garden, the lab, and the mountain: A multiple case study of how generative organizations sustain human flourishing 
Discussant(s): Sarah Richard, Marc-André Vilette
Session V: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Democratic Experimentation and Innovation
Chair: Valérie Michaud
Stéphane Jaumier, Vincent Vindevoghel and Léa Dorion
Is there a way for radical democracy out of consensus decision-making? Agonistic practices in a French worker co-operative
Discussant(s): Simon Pek
John Child, Rose Narooz, Nora Ramadan and Nora Ramadan
Third sector organizations: The relationship of scaling up with their contribution to associative democracy
Discussant(s): Simy Joy, Priya Rajeev, Sumit Mitra
Daniel King, Martyn Griffin and Simon Pek
Bureaucracyand domination in alternative organizations: Exploring the potential of sociocraticorganizations
Discussant(s): Vincent Pasquier, Stéphane Jaumier
Session VI: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – B – 0_A
A Sense of Place: Housing and Community
Chair: Simon Pek
M. Cristina Sousa, Nuno Gil and Felipe Massa
Harnessing self-management to tackle grand challenges: the points-based participation architecture of São-Paulo's housing movement
Discussant(s): Aingeru Ruiz and Frederic Dufays
Tom Morton, Owain Smolović Jones and Nela Smolović Jones
The role of inclusive resistance and agency in organising for better social outcomes
Discussant(s): Mélissa Boudes, Christelle Perrin, Markolf Canisius Jossou, Annie Banikema, Cédric Gossart
Nilo Coradini de Freitas, Hélène Picard and Marcos Barros
The affective creation of alterity: the case of a French community garden
Discussant(s): Corinne Grenier
Michaël Séguin, Bianca Briciu, Amy MacDonald, Michael Okunlola, Sahar Zohni and Christine Kouri
Fostering a climate of inclusion in Ontario (Canada) community-based settlement agencies: The perspective of immigrant frontline workers
Discussant(s): Valérie Michaud, Mylène Pinard-L'Abbée
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Participatory Approaches: Inspirations from Not so Alternative Contexts
Chair: Simon Pek
Steven van Baarle, Annelies Bobelyn, Georges Romme and Annelies Bobelyn
Vicious and virtuous processes arising from a democratization intervention
Discussant(s): Simon Pek
Andrea Carlo Lo Verso, Cristina Boari and Paolo Ferri
Shades of participation: The evolution of the participatory approaches in the Museum of Cultures in Milan
Discussant(s): Josephine Matthews, Maximilian J.L. Schormair
Alice Anberrée, Théo Simon, Emmanuel Coblence and Frédéric Kletz
Implementing alternative practices in a classic socially-oriented organization: a cyclical approach to values
Discussant(s): Jean-Baptiste Litrico, Guilherme Azevedo, Céline Louche, Warren Nilsson
Valentina Mele, Rebecca A.E. Kirley, Sonia Ospina and Sonia Ospina
What seems to be the problem? Identifying systemic issues in government through cross-sector collaboration
Discussant(s): Stéphane Jaumier, Vincent Vindevoghel, Léa Dorion
Session VIII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – B – 0_A
Care and Caring
Chair: Valérie Michaud
Anna M. Galazka
The good life: A practice-based view of alternative volunteering in Lindsay Leg Clubs
Discussant(s): John Child, Rose Narooz, Nora Ramadan
Corinne Grenier
Joint regulation in a French social care service: The role of experiential knowledge in restoring the organization as a locus for democracy in society
Discussant(s): Daniel King, Martyn Griffin