Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop


PDW-02 [SWG 07 + ST 34 + ST 63]
Institutional Theory: Contemporary Issues and Novel Methodologies

Wednesday, July 1, 2015, 09:00–13:00

Location: DEREE-6-AUD


  • Markus A. Höllerer, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, & UNSW Business School, Australia
  • Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta School of Business, Canada
  • Renate Meyer, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria, & Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Tammar B. Zilber, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel



  • John Amis, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Jeanette Colyvas, Northwestern University, USA
  • Julien Jourdan, Bocconi University, Italy
  • Kamal Munir, University of Cambridge, UK
  • William Ocasio, Northwestern University, USA
  • Patricia Thornton, Duke University, USA

Program PDW-02

09:00 – 09:15

Welcome and Introduction

Markus A. Höllerer, Michael Lounsbury, Renate Meyer & Tammar B. Zilber

09:15 – 12:15

Discussion of Participants' Papers



Round Table 1

Chair: Markus A. Höllerer & Kamal Munir


Shipeng Yan: On the emergence of hybrid organizations: A study of global SRI funds
Ziva Sharp: Dynamics of harmony in conflicting logics
Eshani Beddewela: Managing Corporate Responsibility in multinational corporations: Resolving institutional duality

Mélissa Boudes: Complexity change and institutional strategies: The case of social innovation


Room: DEREE-606

Round Table 2

Chair: Michael Lounsbury & Jeannette Colyvas


Mikko Vesa: When the code refused to budge: The emergence of an unintended, nascent logic under institutional complexity

Guillermo Casasnovas: The liability of 'social'
Virginie Svenningen-Berthelem: I love my work but how do I make sense of its complexity? The role of individuals' emotions in hybrid work

Erkan Erdemir: Legitimacy work in emergence of new organizational forms: The case of Tanpinar’s Time Regulation Institute


Room: DEREE-607

Round Table 3

Chair: Renate Meyer & William Ocasio


Chloé Adler: Resistance to change or identity renewal? Sensemaking and the new public management in Quebec universities
Diego Perez-Lopez: The dynamics of sustainability reporting adoption: Combining institutional and efficiency perspectives
Ana M. Aranda: On two sides of the smoke screen: How SMOs and corporations use protests and lobbying to influence institutional change
Helen Etchanchu: Why won't you listen to me? The role of discursive legitimacy during episodes of contention


Room: DEREE-608

Round Table 4

Chair: Tammar B. Zilber & Julien Jourdan


Saeed Akhlaghpour: IT gurus with or without a cause: Institutional work in the IT fashion setting process
Barbara Fryzel: CSR-induced corporate identity. Institutionalised CSR and its economic value
Christian E. Hampel: Institutional reincarnation: "The Impossible Project" of saving polaroid photography, 2008–2014
Georg Reischauer: Network-centered and institution-centered strategies to benefit from the diffusing knowledge of innovation systems: The case of the triple helix


Room: DEREE-609

Round Table 5

Chair: Patricia Thornton & John Amis


Grace Fan: Values old and new: Building an entrepreneurial logic to navigate institutional complexity
Maria Margarida De Avillez: Contextualising social entrepreneurship in developing economies: The microfoundations of trans-cultural embeddedness
Wenyao Zhao: Bringing context back in: Indexicality and mounting Institutional work
Hua Wei: Institutional bricolage: How Chinese actors build an institutional field to corral a market

12:15 – 13:00

Plenary Panel and Q&A Session

All convenors, facilitators & participants