Sub-theme 33: Entrepreneurship in and around Organizations

Ha Hoang, ESSEC Business School, France
Markus Perkmann, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Dean A. Shepherd, University of Notre Dame, USA
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Opening Plenary
Chair: Ha Hoang, Markus Perkmann & Dean A. Shepherd
Annelore Huyghe and Mirjam Knockaert
Proximate versus distal trait activation in organizations and the transition to entrepreneurship
Francesca Melillo, Marianna Marino and Humberto Brea-Solis
Going from entrepreneur back to employee: Employer type, task variety, and job satisfaction
Jonah Zankl and Matthew Grimes
This place is a jungle: A process of maintaining entrepreneurial ecosystems
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Social Venturing: Emergence and Scaling - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Dean A. Shepherd
Anastasiya Koptsyukh, Ewald Kibler and Dean A. Shepherd
From a compassionate venture to a social (hybrid) venture: coordinating and resourcing for social impact
Marek Hudon and Anaïs Périlleux
Do hybridity conceptualizations affect investment decision in social ventures?
Rama Krishna Reddy Kummitha
The role of personal identity in the adoption of and transition of a role identity: A case of prosoical entrepreneurship
Parallel Stream B: Start-up Dynamics: Learning, Processes, and Decision-Making Outcomes - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Ha Hoang
Hakan Erten and Deniz Tunçalp
The entrepreneurial narratives of scalability through pitching – How a new technology venture’s future-making makes a difference
Changjoon Rhee and Sam Garg
Remedies for growing pains: How venture CEOs resolve organizational conflicts with new professional executives
Alessandro Narduzzo and Valentina Forrer
Intelligent failure: The intrapreneurial way to learn from failures within organizations
Session III: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Social Venturing: Persistence and Outcomes - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Markus Perkmann
Sara Lombardi, Deborah Gervasi, Guglielmo Faldetta and Lamberto Zollo
How to reinvent forgotten identities? Collective social entrepreneuring in Italian liminal areas
Simona Leonelli, Alessandra Tognazzo, Diego Campagnolo and Martina Gianecchini
Entrepreneurs’ resilience and firm sustainability orientation: A study of European SMEs
Mohammad Zainuddin, James Gordon, Babita Bhatt and Israr Qureshi
Small business financing reimagined: Is credit with capacity the key to supporting the most missing middle?
Parallel Stream B: Start-up Dynamics - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Dean A. Shepherd
Marco M. Daprà, Patricia H. Thornton, Frank Janssen and Frank Janssen
Innovation from logics: a study on the influence of institutional logics on innovation generation in the context of the COVID19
Jingjing Ge, Sandra Hasanefendic, Bart Bossink, Peter Peverelli, Sandra Hasanefendic, Bart Bossink and Peter Peverelli
The entrepreneur’s effectuation trajectory from a knowledge absorption perspective: The case of collaborative innovation in marine engine development
Francesca Visintin, Daniel Pittino and Giancarlo Lauto
Female entrepreneurship in the high-tech sectors: Legitimacy and entrepreneurial orientation
Osama Aziz, Kenneth A. Grant and Kenneth A. Grant
Determining knowledge spillover and overload effect: Exploring university knowledge spinoffs and entrepreneurial intentions
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Corporate Venturing: Balancing Complexity, Autonomy, Stability - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Ha Hoang
Andreas Leubner, Siddharth Vedula and Cristobal Garcia-Herrera
Goliath dates David: How to navigate complexity between new ventures and incumbents in corporate accelerators
Mara Brumana, Matthias Waldkirch and Tommaso Minola
The dilemma of organizational autonomy in internal corporate venturing: A qualitative inquiry
Philipp Bubenzer and Anika Stephan
Between the good and the bad life: Exploring internal entrepreneurs’ identification dynamics with accelerators, projects and established organizations
Parallel Stream B: Start-up Dynamics - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Markus Perkmann
Daniele Battaglia, chiara spina and Chiara Spina
Do scientific entrepreneurs invest financial resources differently? Evidence from two RCTs
Devika Raj, Arnaldo Camuffo, Luca Berchicci and Luca Berchicci
A scientific approach to entrepreneurial teams: The role of team validation
Discussant(s): TBD
Aliasghar Bahoo-Torodi
Opportunity versus Necessity as Driver of Employee Entrepreneurship
Session V: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Corporate Venturing: Implementation - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Dean A. Shepherd
Ezra Carlson, Mehdi Safavi and Muhammad Azam Roomi
Boundary Work in Corporate Venture Capital: How boundary work enables CVCs to create and unlock value
Natalia Nikolova, Jochen Schweitzer and Natasha Bobyreff
Innovations in established organizations: The impact of senior managers on corporate entrepreneurship
Valentine Georget and Thierry Rayna
Intrapreneurs, how are you?
Parallel Stream B: Accelerators, Labs, Academic Start-ups - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Ha Hoang
Hoan van Nguyen
Do accelerators really matter for ventures? A longitudinal study
Sheryl Winston Smith, Christian Anker and Paul Helle
The proximity paradox and the digital deluge: Do corporate accelerators reduce agency conflicts between investors and startups?
Wolf-Hendrik Uhlbach and Markus Perkmann
Early hiring in academic ventures: The effects of hiring from the university network on firm growth
Session VI: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Corporate Venturing: Relationships and Ties - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Ha Hoang
Simon L. Schmidt and Katharina Scheidgen
Bridging two fields: A design science approach to corporate venture and parent firm relationship
Ekaterina S. Bjornali and Truls Erikson
Distributed leadership as a reallocation mechanism of dispersed knowledge in entrepreneurial ecosystems: The role of relational pluralism in dealing with polycentricity
Yajing Li
Doesindustry love academia? Academic founders and new venture R&D alliance formationspeed with established firms
Parallel Stream B: Accelerators - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Markus Perkmann
Charlie Wall-Andrews
Incubation and Career Acceleration for Equity-Seeking Creative Entrepreneurs
Rebecca Preller, Kristina Koch, Amy Zhao-Ding and Kristina Koch
Matching partners from two worlds: How accelerators source startups and engage with corporate sponsors
Discussant(s): TBD
Joris J. Ebbers, Kai Becker and Yuval Engel
Who gets a mentor? The effects of founder characteristics and startup mentor motivations on founder selection
Parallel Stream C: Start-up Dynamics: Transition and Social Context - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_R
Chair: Dean A. Shepherd
Marouane Bousfiha, Henrik Berglund and Henrik Berglund
Constructing a hybrid work identity: The case of academic entrepreneurs
Matteo Opizzi and Michela Loi
Tearing the veil of Maya of PhD entrepreneurship: How do doctoral students decide to become entrepreneurs?
Stela Ivanova
The social consequences of emotion regulation on leader emergence in new venture teams
Gabe de Jong, Elco van Burg and Neil A. Thompson
Exploring the interplay between founder role and identity transitions and firm development: A literature review
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Corporate Venturing - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Chair: Ha Hoang
Paul Goldmann, Christina Altendorfer and Björn Schäfer
Digital mindset – Operationalization through DIMS (digital mindset scale)
Natalia Vuori, Marina Biniari and quy huy
Emotion-driven intraorganizational innovation process and its performance implications
Erica Santini, Alessia Zoppelletto and Birthe Soppe
How incumbents navigate the sustainability transition: Growing awareness and adaptation through incumbent-startup collaborations
Parallel Stream B: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_Q
Chair: Markus Perkmann
Virva Salmivaara, Pablo Munoz, Ewald Kibler and Johanna Mair
How does civil society shape the development of entrepreneurial places?
Erez Aharon Marantz and Erez Maggor
Growing up and staying home: The development of large mature firms in Israel's innovation sector
Qiong Wu and Julio De Castro
My business or my country: The role of concurrent embeddedness in host country and home country on the performance of immigrant entrepreneurs’ business
Parallel Stream C: Entrepreneurial Careers: Transitions and Persistence - Room: Ingegneria – I – 2_R
Chair: Dean A. Shepherd
Olivier Germain, Evens Mensah Ovour, François Cooren, Boris Brummans, Evens Mensah Ouvor and Simon Mallette
The forced heroization of the entrepreneuring of the self: A ventriloquial perspective
Andreana Drencheva and Peter Schou
From hobby to hustle: The nature of and transition into hobby-based entrepreneurship
Thomas Hermanns, Diemo Urbig, Jörn Block and Katrin Muehlfeld
Economic adjustment strategies of self-employed individuals during essential crises: The case of complementary paid jobs
Session VIII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, Ingegneria – I – 2_U
Concluding Plenary
Chair: Ha Hoang, Markus Perkmann & Dean A. Shepherd
Nele Terveen, Frank-Martin Belz and Frank-Martin Belz
Don’t let sleeping dogs lie – the birth moment of new venture ideas that tackle social or environmental issues
Ehsan Samimi and Jörg Sydow
Entrepreneuring across organizational boundaries: Collaborative relationships of startups on their idea journeys
Anna Brattström and Dries Faems
Innovation theatre in corporate venturing units: Cultural design as a (de)legitimizing mechanism