Sub-theme 18: Algorithms We Live by and Resist in Organizational Life -> HYBRID!

Iris Wallenburg, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lieke Oldenhof, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Omid Omidvar, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Algorithmic Resistance
Chair: Iris Wallenburg
Roman Glass
Resisting algorithms: An implementation case study
Discussant(s): Sébastien Brossard
Sébastien Brossard
“Everybody loves to use data!”: On data-driven management systems and employee self-manufacturing of consent in the age of the digital subject
Discussant(s): Veronika Cieslak
Veronika Cieslak and Carmen Valor
The face of employee resistance to digital transformation: An integrative review
Discussant(s): Roman Glass
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Algorithms, Knowledge and Materiality
Chair: Omid Omidvar
Dirk Lindebaum, Christine Moser and Vern L. Glaser
Corporate empiricism as a system of knowledge claims in management and organisation studies
Discussant(s): Luciana Blaha
Francesco Gualdi, Antonio Cordella, Monica Crespo Chanis and Monica Crespo Chanis
AI for law: Changing roles and structures in organizations
Discussant(s): Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard
Ursula Plesner and Lise Justesen
Temperature fluctuations in the AI Spring: Entangled intelligent technologies as matters of concern
Discussant(s): Vern L. Glaser
Session III: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Societal and organizational impact of algorithms
Chair: Lieke Oldenhof
Vassilis Charitsis, Mikko Laamanen and Tuukka Lehtiniemi
Class conflicts and collective action in datafied societies: Towards Algorithmic Luddism
Discussant(s): David Huber
David M. Huber
Introducing AI: Structural dynamics in organizations managing a General Purpose Technology
Discussant(s): Franziska Koefer
Franziska Koefer, Michel L. Ehrenhard and Maximilian Goethner
Unravelling the impact of algorithmic advice on decision-making in prosocial lending: A comparative analysis of online vs. offline screening methods
Discussant(s): Vassilis Charitsis
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Organizational Control through AI
Chair: Omid Omidvar
Federico Magni and Martha Jeong
The behavioral consequences for organizational creativity of being evaluated by AI
Discussant(s): Mehreen Ashraf
Mehreen Ashraf and Dirk Lindebaum
Re-examining of organizational control in light of technological developments – The case of algorithmic designs
Discussant(s): Jasmin Schreyer
Jasmin Schreyer and Katja Schönian
Quantifying the qualitative: Employee engagement through algorithmic management
Discussant(s): Federico Magni
Session V: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – A – 0_2
AI at the Workplace: Augmentation or Disruption
Chair: Iris Wallenburg
Jing Cai, Maria Luciana Blaha, Elham Moonesirust and Shainaz Firfiray
Emotion, cognition, and AI adoption behaviour
Discussant(s): Ursula Plesner Luciana Blaha will present this paper
Emanuela Shaba, Alessandra Lazazzara and Stefano Za
How is artificial intelligence disrupting human resource work practices? A bibliometric analysis of AI-enabled HRM
Discussant(s): Kevin Carillon
Kévin Carillon
Organizational resistances and adaptations to algorithmic policy within the Belgian radio-television of the French Community (RTBF)
Discussant(s): Francesco Gualdi
Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard, Alf Rehn and Jonas Fetteh
Three narratives of Artificial Intelligence adoption: Sense-making about Artificial Intelligence adoption and consequences among executives and funders in the Nordics
Discussant(s): Emanuela Shaba
Session VI: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Platform Work
Chair: Lieke Oldenhof
Nastaran Hajiheydari, Mohammad Soltani Delgosha and Mohammad Soltani Delgosha
Algorithmic management and the experience of non-human manager: An exploratory analysis of crowdworkers' narratives
Discussant(s): Iris Wallenburg
Iris Wallenburg, Martijn Felder, Justien Dingelstad and Roland Bal
Algorithmic caring through nursing platforms – What about care ethics in the age of digital care and growing labour shortages?
Discussant(s): Francesca Bellesia
Francesca Bellesia, Elisa Mattarelli and Fabiola Bertolotti
Algorithmic work-life balance: How algorithms influence gig-workers perceptions of work-life boundaries on platforms
Discussant(s): Lilo Meier
Lilo Meier
Hacking capitalism? Algorithmic figures of compromise in an alternative organization
Discussant(s): Nastaran Hajiheydari
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Digital Welfare State
Chair: Lieke Oldenhof
Margot Kersing, Lieke Oldenhof, Liesbet van Zoonen, Kim Putters and Liesbet van Zoonen
Thief or Toddler: Experiences of unemployed benefit recipients in the Dutch digital welfare state
Discussant(s): Luciana Pereira de Andrade
Luciana Pereira de Andrade
AI in the organizational routine: A case study in public sector
Discussant(s): Antoinette Jordan
Antoinette Jordan, Zeta Dooly and Ray Griffin
Undoing AI in bureaucracy: Statistical profiling algorithms in Public Employment Services (PES)
Discussant(s): Margaretha Johanna Kersing
Session VIII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – A – 0_2
Imagining and enacting algorithms
Chair: Omid Omidvar
Swati Singh and Sita Vanka
Working in Metaverse: the promise and perils of using metaverse at the workplace
Discussant(s): Abdul Quddus
Kamila Moulaï and Gazi Islam
Between imagination and construction: Managerial imaginaries of workplace artificial intelligence
Discussant(s): Swati Singh
Abdul Quddus
“Targeted”: How ‘new oil’ (big data analytics) business is creating injustice and conditions for “loss and damage” finance for developing countries?
Discussant(s): Kamila Moulai