Sub-theme 67: Resilient Individuals, Organizations, and Societies: Blenders of Legacy and Imagination

Maria Laura Frigotto, University of Trento, Italy
Mitchell Young, Charles University, Czech Republic
Rómulo Pinheiro, University of Agder, Norway
Session I: Thursday, July 06, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Rómulo Pinheiro
Thea M. Paeffgen, Tine Lehmann and Mareike Feseker
Letting go of legacy? Resilience strategies in organizations facing COVID-19 – A literature review
Discussant(s): Charlotte Förster
Santo Biswas, Roopak Gupta and ROOPAK GUPTA
Organizational resilience: Exploring linkage between legacies and imagination
Discussant(s): Thea Paeffgen
Ariane Reyns
Improved territorial resilience through credit development at the organizational level: The case of the Sardex
Discussant(s): Nina Füreder
Session II: Thursday, July 06, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Maria Laura Frigotto
Ana Pizzutti, Catherine Thomas, Renata Kaminska and Catherine Thomas
From reactive to proactive and transformative territorial resilience capability building in the post-disaster context: the case of storm Alex in the south of France
Discussant(s): Anouck Adrot
Anouck Adrot
Conflicts’ legacies and disaster risk reduction in cross-border regions
Discussant(s): Svein Johansen
Svein Tvedt Johansen, Katariina Ala-Rami, Matti Muhos, Trude Olsen, Anna Maria Simunaniemi, Yaso Thiru, Markku Vieru and Beverly Wagner
The resilience of remote rural small businesses and place as a resource
Discussant(s): Ana Pizzutti
Vladi Finotto, Francesca Checchinato, Chiara Rinaldi and Christine Mauracher
Defining resilience through an unusual case: Lessons from Prosecco
Discussant(s): Authors will not attend the event
Session III: Thursday, July 06, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Rómulo Pinheiro
Edwina Y. Zhu
Can social enterprises achieve resilience and in which contingencies?
Discussant(s): Sami Basly
Yasin Yilmaz and Julia de Groote
The agent of resilience: Exploring owner-manager resilience in the context of family business
Discussant(s): Mohamed Ouiakoub
Mohamed Ouiakoub and Sami Basly
How do positive religious values influence family firms’ resilience?
Discussant(s): Yasin Yilmaz
Zhao Yen Beh and Chan Yuan Wong
Conceptualizing resilient areas: Cases of rural industrial clusters in Taiwan and Malaysia
Discussant(s): Authors will not attend the event
Session IV: Friday, July 07, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Rómulo Pinheiro
Natalia Jubault Krasnopevtseva, Catherine Thomas, Renata Kaminska and Catherine Thomas
Developing resilience in high risk and regulated environment: Dangers of overpassing organizational limits of managerial actions
Discussant(s): Janice Tsai
Wan-Jung Tsai, Li-Hsiang Yi and Jingjing Weng
From absorption, adaptation, to transformation: The journey to net zero
Discussant(s): Natalia Jubault Krasnopevtseva
Mariya Andreeva, Paulo Goncalves and Paulo Goncalves
Improving resilience through the capability frontier – Decisions to invest in building capability
Discussant(s): Domenico Dentoni
Session V: Friday, July 07, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Maria Laura Frigotto
Melissa Laufer, Len Ole Schäfer, Freia Kuper, Bronwen Deacon , Freia Kuper and Bronwen Deacon
The intersection of resilience, creativity and edtech: A conceptual framework for universities
Discussant(s): Marjaana Kareinen
Marjaana Kareinen and Pia Heilmann
University teacher's individual resources of employee resilience
Discussant(s): Melissa Laufer
Gislaine Sediyama and Andre Carlos Busanelli de Aquino
The legacies and socio-symbolic work on the continuity of the Brazilian National Museum
Discussant(s): Len Ole Schäfer
Rómulo Pinheiro and Jouni Kekäle
The ever-increasing expectations of social impact: Resilience as an emergent process in academia
Discussant(s): Paper will not be presented/published to give more time to the other authors
Session VI: Friday, July 07, 14:00 to 15:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Rómulo Pinheiro
Camilo Andrés Benítez Ávila
Resilience (re)producing urban organizing legacies: indetermination, structuration and hybridity
Discussant(s): Martina Neri
Thorsten Busch, Florian Roth, Marco Clemente and Marco Clemente
Does CSR make organizations more resilient? Conceptualizing the relationship between CSR and organizational resilience of “woke” football clubs in high-risk, scandal-ridden contexts
Discussant(s): Federico Niccolini
Thi Nguyen and Audrey Rouzies
Orchestration of collective resilience by local community stakeholders following post-acquisition restructurings
Discussant(s): Thorsten Busch
Session VII: Saturday, July 08, 09:00 to 10:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Maria Laura Frigotto
Alessandra Tognazzo, Simona Leonelli, Diego Campagnolo and Paolo Gubitta
A study of Italian SMEs entrepreneurs: Individual resilience, social capital, and growth
Discussant(s): Maria Laura Frigotto
Martina Neri, Federico Niccolini, Francesco Virili and Francesco Virili
Cyber organizational resilience: Towards an integrative conceptual framework
Discussant(s): Camilo Ávila
Maximiliane Wilkesmann, Caroline Ruiner, Natalia Straub, Judith Becker, Ronny Ehlen, Michael Henke, Caroline Wortmann and Lea Zindel
Resilience of system-relevant supply chains – The impact of the digital transformation in the working worlds in pharmaceutical retail, food retail and logistics on resilience
Discussant(s): Shreya Mishra
Shreya Mishra
Theorising resilience transference in the wake of war in Ukraine
Discussant(s): author not attending
Session VIII: Saturday, July 08, 11:00 to 12:30, Economia – C – 0_Lab Inf. LISS A
Chair: Rómulo Pinheiro
Meysam Salimi and Maria Laura Frigotto
Teamwork, resilience capabilities and innovation
Discussant(s): Alessandra Tognazzo
Domenico Dentoni, Steffen Farny and Christina Hertel
Community resilience as inter-organizational process of identity work
Discussant(s): Mariya Andreeva
Charlotte Förster, Nina Füreder, Attila Hertelendy and Brian Spisak
Reimagining resilient healthcare systems: How hospital leaders' sensemaking early in the COVID-19 pandemic affected organizational resilience
Discussant(s): Santo Biswas