Sub-theme 16: (SWG) Organization as Communication: The Performative Power of Talk

François Cooren, Université de Montréal, Canada
Lars Thøger Christensen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Dennis Schoeneborn, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Session I: Thursday, July 02, 11:00 to 12:30, DEREE-701
Introduction & Keynote
Chair: Dennis Schoeneborn
Welcome and introduction by the sub-theme convenors

Opening keynote by Philippe Lorino
From speech acts to act speeches: Collective activity and the language of habits

Session II: Thursday, July 02, 14:00 to 15:30, DEREE-701
Agency & Constitution
Chair: François Cooren
Geneviève Boivin, Boris Brummans and James R. Barker
How is CCO studies communicatively constituted as a field? A bibliometric analysis
Nicolas Bencherki
Spokesthings and phonation devices: How things make things do things with words
Till Jansen
Who is talking? Some remarks on how to identify agency in communication
Discussant: Linda Putnam
Session III: Thursday, July 02, 16:00 to 17:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Identity - Room: DEREE-701
Chair: Lars Thøger Christensen
Christian Fieseler and Michael Etter
Memories as agents in the communicative constitution of organization – On outcomes of memory regulation
Mahya Ostovar
Physical bodies that virtually matter: The role of body and space in identity resistance – A case of social media
Joëlle Basque and Ann Langley
Invoking "Alphonse": The role of the founder figure in organizational identity work
Discussant: Viviane Sergi
Parallel Stream B: Legitimacy - Room: DEREE-601
Chair: Dennis Schoeneborn
Ella Lillqvist, Johanna Moisander and A. Fuat Firat
Communicative constitution of legitimacy in an emerging organizational field: Negotiating the acceptance of marketing communication on Reddit
Maik Günther
Discursive institutional maintenance in the Canadian oil sands: Rhetoric, coalitions, and the case of Ethical Oil
Birte Asmuß and Helle Kryger Aggerholm
Constituting managerial responsibilities in interaction: Management’s responses to employee complaints
Discussant: Peter Winkler
Parallel Stream C: Authority - Room: DEREE-707
Chair: François Cooren
Alaric Bourgoin and Nicolas Bencherki
The performance of authority in Organizations
David Hollis
How organizational authority is constituted and transported through conversation and text
Jo Katambwe
Dialogic authority: A logic of discursive performativity in organizations
Discussant: Consuelo Vasquez
Session IV: Friday, July 03, 09:00 to 10:30, DEREE-701
Chair: Lars Thøger Christensen
Consuelo Vásquez and Alexia Jolivet
Unpacking the performative power of talk (with text) through seeing and saying
Viviane Sergi and Claudine Bonneau
When talk is text: The performativity of working out loud on Twitter
Reza Mousavi Baygi
How do social media matter in social movements? Exploring the performativity of social media activism
Discussant: Philippe Lorino
Session V: Friday, July 03, 14:00 to 15:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Narratives & Storytelling - Room: DEREE-701
Chair: Lars Thøger Christensen
Anna Linda Musacchio Adorisio
A constitutive view of financial communication: A narrative interpretive perspective
Elisabeth Koep
Transforming aspirational talk into action – An empirical study
Marie Perez and Linda Rouleau
Once upon a time the Darwin expedition: A semiotic analysis of sensemaking through stories
Discussant: Winston Kwon
Parallel Stream B: Corporate Responsibility - Room: DEREE-601
Chair: Dennis Schoeneborn
Konstantina Zefkili and Eleni Apospori
Between talk and action: A linguistic-pragmatic approach to CSR communication
Hannah Trittin
Organizational boundary management: Corporate social responsibility communication from a constitutive perspective
Scott Banghart
A communicative approach to CSR reporting: Unpacking the transparency paradox
Discussant: Mette Morsing
Parallel Stream C: High-Reliability Organizing - Room: DEREE-707
Chair: François Cooren
Jody Jahn
Materializing disasters: Configuring disaster spaces and responses through talk
Jérémy Eydieux and Cédric Raimondeau
From ventriloquism to high reliability : Object of activity and figures’ significance
Frédérik Matte
Organizational tensions talked into being: A ventriloqual perspective on humanitarian aid
Discussant: Oana Albu
Session VI: Saturday, July 04, 09:00 to 10:30
- Parallel Stream -
Parallel Stream A: Values, Talk & Action - Room: DEREE-701
Chair: Lars Thøger Christensen
Oana Brindusa Albu
'Making a difference': The performative role of values in the constitution of organization
Mark van Vuuren
Reflections on core values as aspirational talk
Thomas Schumacher and Marc Krautzberger
"...Talk doesn't cook rice..." A systemic view on bridging talk and action
Discussant: Nicolas Bencherki
Parallel Stream B: Intentionality, Strategy & Change - Room: DEREE-601
Chair: Dennis Schoeneborn
Anu Kajamaa and Eero Vaara
Transformative metanarrative as a vehicle for strategic change
Marc Lenglet and Benjamin Taupin
Reintegrating the question of intention: Investigating "counter-performativity" and the "problem of description" in the financial industry
Ivan Ivanov
Writing texts and writing organization. Communication and in-house magazine: From unforeseen goals to unexpected agency
Discussant: Ann Langley
Parallel Stream C: Organizing & Interactions - Room: DEREE-707
Chair: François Cooren
Salla-Maaria Laaksonen and Merja Porttikivi
Constituting a partial organization in Facebook through metaconversation
Sylvaine Tuncer and Christian Licoppe
Opening an informal encounter: The interactional elaboration of a reason for the visit, a typology and their achievements
Letizia Caronia
"Is there an infection out there?" The communicative constitution of reality in medical settings
Discussant: Christoph Haug
Session VII: Saturday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30, DEREE-701
Humor & Silence
Chair: Dennis Schoeneborn
Winston Kwon, Ian Clarke, Ruth Wodak, Eero Vaara and Rowan Mackay
'Stretching the frame': Humour in organizational legitimation
Michal Izak
Silenced into existence: The monologic perspective on organizational emergence
Martin Brigham and Donncha Kavanagh
The sense of the meeting: Silent organization
Discussant: Dan Kärreman