Sub-theme 25: Devising Markets and Other Valuation Sites [merged with sub-theme 43]

Liz McFall, Open University, UK
Pascale Trompette, University of Grenoble Alpes, France
Elena Raviola, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, & University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Session I: Thursday, July 02, 11:00 to 12:30, PIERCE-911
Matters of Concern
Chair: Liz McFall & Claes-Fredrik Helgesson
José Ossandón, Trine Pallesen and Christian Frankel
Markets for collective concern
Fabian Müller
Changes in the culinary field – The role of multiple valuation devices
Stefan Schwarzkopf
Data overflow and sacred ignorance: An agnotological account of organizing in the market and consumer research industry
Session II: Thursday, July 02, 14:00 to 15:30, PIERCE-911
Opaque Valuations
Chair: Monika Krause
Laure Cabantous and Theodora Dupont-Courtade
Catastrophe risk models as evaluation device: The valuation work of Cat analysts in insurance companies
Vontrese D. Pamphile
How companies decide where to fund: The social construction of nonprofit value
Yousra Rahmouni Elidrissi
Toward a post-petroleum value regime: Tracing the value of nature in the Yasuni-ITT initiative
Guilherme Azevedo
Undesirable overflows and socio-industrial design: An ecosystem evolutionary perspective
Session III: Thursday, July 02, 16:00 to 17:30, PIERCE-911
Community Valuations
Chair: Susi Geiger
Kimihiro Furuse
Collective behavior in market settings: A study of closed-auction markets for antiques and secondhand goods in Japan
Sonja Oliveira and Martin Sexton
An uncertain endeavour- Managing conflicting logics in evaluating architectural awards
Jinwoo Lee and Soo Hee Lee
Valuing contemporary arts: The case of Andy Warhol's Brillo Box
Nils Wåhlin
Market innovation as framing, productive friction and bricolage: An exploration of the personal data market
Session IV: Friday, July 03, 09:00 to 10:30, PIERCE-911
Private Valuations
Chair: Philip Roscoe
Lotta Björklund Larsen
Mind the tax gap. Devising and using the Swedish tax gap measurement
Presenter(s)Discussant(s): Lotta Björklund Larsen
Alain Nadai and Catherine Grandclément
Smart grids demonstration and the responsive electricity consumer
Sveta Milyaeva and Daniel Neyland
Market innovation as framing, productive friction and bricolage: An exploration of the personal data market
Matthias Wörlen, Manfred Moldaschl and Tobias Hallensleben
Reflexivity of accounting and the management of overflows
Session V: Friday, July 03, 14:00 to 15:30, PIERCE-911
Projecting Overflows and Valuations
Chair: Elena Raviola
Tina Karrbom Gustavsson and Anette Hallin
The projectification of organizational life – Taking a step back
Andreas Diedrich
Validation of prior foreign learning as framing practice, or turning unwanted foreign experience into beautiful local skills and competence
Axel Lagnau and Douglas Robinson
Mobilising framing and overflowing to understand changes in evolving technology fields
Eduardo Caldas and Martin Jayo
Social Currency, Local Development and Social Movements: the city of São Paulo Experience
Session VI: Saturday, July 04, 09:00 to 10:30, PIERCE-911
Reformed Valuations
Chair: José Ossandón
Susi Geiger and Nicole Gross
Medicine Patent Pools – Redevising the pharma market or a case of 'plus ça change...'?
Claes-Fredrik Helgesson
Assessing adaptive design drug trials: An inquiry into the valuation of algorithmic endeavours to produce knowledge
Liz McFall
Devising risk: What are digital transformations doing to health insurance?
Aurélie Toivonen
Let's clean up and bring some order here! Building modern markets in Yaoundé, Cameroon
Session VII: Saturday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30, PIERCE-911
Ranking Concepts
Chair: Pascale Trompette
Philip Roscoe and Shiona Chillas
Pricing, prizing and praising in the dating services sector - a conceptual approach
Presenter(s)Discussant(s): Philip Roscoe and Shiona Chillas
Monika Krause and Katherine Robinson
Triage in human rights organizations: Structures, repertoires of practice, the law
Nikiforos Panourgias and Yuval Millo
Explication and the changing of market participants subjectivities in securities market integration