Sub-theme 49: Organizing Organizations: Dynamics and Variation

Göran Ahrne, Stockholm University, Sweden
Nils Brunsson, Uppsala University, Sweden
Dieter Kerwer, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Session I: Thursday, July 02, 11:00 to 12:30, COM-2112
Meta-organizations I
Chair: Nils Brunsson
Argyro Almpanopoulou and Kati Järvi
Organizing in ecosystems: Actors, structure, and dynamics
Linda Wedlin
Organizing European science
Fernando Nogueira
Comparing metaorganizations and individual-based associations: Similarities and differences
Sanne Bor and Steve Cropper
Resourcing the meta-organisation
Session II: Thursday, July 02, 14:00 to 15:30, COM-2112
Meta-organizations II: Business Associations
Chair: Sanne Bor
Angel Saz-Carranza and Adrià Albareda
The organizational structure of supranational business association: What determines the governance form?
Lucie Renou and Gilles Crague
Competitiveness clusters: Meta-organisations seeking autonomy
Markus Helfen
Born of crisis, rejuvenated in crisis? Meta-organizing business firms through ideational brokerage
Session III: Thursday, July 02, 16:00 to 17:30, COM-2112
Partial Organization I
Chair: Dieter Kerwer
Mikko Laamanen and Frank den Hond
Prefigurative partial organization in local social movements: Examining decided and emergent order in a time bank
Johannes M. Lehner
Endoxa rents
Adrienne Sörbom and Christina Garsten
Consequences of a liquid mandate: World Economic Forum and the partial organizing of global agendas
Dennis Jancsary, Vitaliano Barberio, Markus A. Höllerer and Renate E. Meyer
Structuring dynamics of novel forms of organizing: The case of Apache open source software
Session IV: Friday, July 03, 09:00 to 10:30, COM-2112
Partial Organization II
Chair: Göran Ahrne
Anders Nordström and Matilda Dahl
The Baltic Sea Region of vision and action: Exploring the dynamics of transnational region-building
Amalia Foukaki and Matts Kärreman
Untangling disarray – Patterns in research on standards and standardization
Emilie Malcourant, Alain Vas and Thierry Zintz
Diffusion of standards within meta-organization’s members
Session V: Friday, July 03, 14:00 to 15:30, COM-2112
Inter-organizational Collaboration I
Chair: Steve Cropper
Anu Suominen
Enablers and barriers of inter-organizational network's formation for new market entry: Case Finnish maritime industry
Ignasi Capdevila
Different inter-organizational collaboration approaches in coworking spaces in Barcelona
Sophie d'Armagnac, Mickaël Géraudel and David Salvetat
A co-development program as an organization of organizations: The role of dominant institutional logics
Bente Lieftink, Armand Smits and Kristina Lauche
Under construction: re-imagining role structures for coordinating inter-organizational projects in the building sector
Session VI: Saturday, July 04, 09:00 to 10:30, COM-2112
Inter-organizational Collaboration II
Chair: Frank den Hond
Angeliki Bistaraki, Yiannis Kyratsis and Eamonn McKeown
Strengthening collaboration: Critical factors in collaborative organizing of public health and safety agencies in the 2012 London Olympic Games
Thierry Houé
Luxembourg as an art and finance cluster: A proximity perspective
Anelise Rebelato Mozzato and Cláudia Bitencourt
The process of interorganizational learning in the context of cooperation: comprehension by proposing and applying framework in Brazilian context
Thomas Steinberger
Replication platforms: Designing the transfer of routines across geographic space
Session VII: Saturday, July 04, 11:00 to 12:30, COM-2112
Inter-organizational Collaboration III
Chair: Adrienne Sörbom
Metehan Feridun Sorkun
Empirical research: Modularity in products and organizations, and their effects on inventory performance
Kerim Karmeni, Olivier de la Villaremois, Adel Beldi and Faysal Mansouri
Managing innovation based on socialization: The case of franchise network
Herica Righi, Rosana Reis and Ylenia Curzi
An organizational innovation in a franchise company