PDW 03: Institutional Theory: Theoretical Contributions and their Methodological Basis

Gili S. Drori
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Tammar B. Zilber
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Call for Applications


John Amis, The University of Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom
Candace Jones, The University of Edinburgh Business School, United Kingdom
Johanna Mair, Hertie School of Governance, Germany
Kamal Munir, Cambridge Judge Business School, United Kingdom
William Ocasio, Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University, USA
Jonas Søderlund, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
Jörg Sydow, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

The four sub-themes at the 33rd EGOS Colloquium 2017 that deal with institutional theory have joined their forces and are arranging a Pre-Colloquium Development Workshop (PDW), in which young scholars will be able to discuss their papers in a developmental environment and get feedback from senior members of the community. – These four sub-themes are:

  • Sub-theme 30: “Inequality, Institutions and Organizations”

  • Sub-theme 56: “Institutional Theory: Taking Stock and Retooling”

  • Sub-theme 57: “The Multiplicity of Institutional Logics”

  • Sub-theme 58: “Projects, Organizations and Institutions”



This PDW offers the opportunity for scholars who work within the wide tent of institutional theory to engage in discussion, and to present and develop their ongoing work through extensive feedback by leading researchers of the field.
The PDW will include round tables (presentation of papers by young scholars and extensive discussions and feedback), as well as a panel discussion. We invite original work, both empirical and conceptual.



This PDW is mainly targeted at early career researchers and doctoral students, but is also open to all scholars. However, preference will be given to PhD and early career scholars.
Please submit – via the EGOS website! – a single document of application (.doc, .docx or .pdf file) that includes:

  • On the first page: a short letter of application containing full details of name, address (postal address, phone and email), affiliation (date of PhD completion for early career scholars), a statement of why the applicant considers it valuable to attend the workshop as well as an indication of what journal(s) the paper is likely to be submitted to.

  • A full paper that you want to develop to a publishable stage.


Gili S. Drori is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and Head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She earned her academic education at Tel Aviv University (BA 1986; MA 1989) and Stanford University (PhD, 1997, sociology). She served as Director of IR Honors Program and taught at Stanford University for a decade. She also taught at the University of California Berkeley (USA), the Technion (Israel), and University of Bergamo (Italy) and was a guest scholar at Uppsala University (Sweden). Gili’s publications speak to her research interests in: globalization and glocalization; organizational change and rationalization; world society theory; science, innovation and higher education; technology divides; and, culture and policy regimes.
Tammar B. Zilber is an Associate Professor of Organization Theory and the Vice Dean for education at the Jerusalem School of Business, The Hebrew University, Israel. Her research focuses on the dynamics of meaning and action in institutional processes. Focusing on the micro-foundations of institutions, and using qualitative methods, she examines the role of discursive acts (like narrating) in constructing institutional realities; the institutional work involved in creating and maintaining fields, given field multiplicity; spatial and emotional mediations of institutional dynamics; the interrelations between institutional logics and institutional work; and the translation of institutions over time and across social spheres.