Sub-theme 71: The Corporatization of Academic Leadership

Lars Engwall, Uppsala University, Sweden
Georg Krücken, University of Kassel, Germany
Christine Musselin, Sciences Po, France
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 09:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
1.1. The Making of University Leaders & 1.2. The Work of University Leaders
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: 1.1. Lars Engwall & 1.2. Christine Musselin
Giovanni Barbato
Where do university leaders come from? An empirical analysis on the characteristics of English Vice Chancellors in the last 20 years
Discussant(s): Nicole Philippczyck
Ravit Mizrahi-Shtelman and Gili S. Drori
How to make a university leader? The (unique) case of training programs for university leadership in Israel
Discussant(s): Katerine Guba
Katerina Guba and Daria Gerashchenko
Strengthening academic leadership from above: “Renewal” of the Russian university leaders
Discussant(s): Simon Oertel
Lars Engwall
A Vice-Chancellor in Action
Discussant(s): Ravit Mizrahi-Shtelman
Nicole Philippczyck and Simon Oertel
Professionalization in university administration: The roles and tasks of diversity officers in strategic decision-making
Discussant(s): Giovanni Barbato
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:00 to 17:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Leadership below the Top
Chair: Georg Krücken
Silke Preymann and Elke Park
Hollow phrase or lived reality: Using sensemaking theory to highlight the role of higher education middle managers in initiating change processes
Discussant(s): Pedro Pineda
Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard, Rasmus Koss Hartmann and Hans Krause Hansen
Middle managers and the organizational adoption of deficient quantitative indicators: The case of metric-based performance evaluation in the university setting
Discussant(s): Taru Siekkinen
Thomas Franssen, Siri B. Borlaug and Anders Hylmö
Steering research: Organizational actorhood at the department level
Discussant(s): Maria Belén Usero Sánchez
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 09:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
3.1. University Administration & 3.2. Managing External Relations
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: 3.1. Lars Engwall & 3.2. Christine Musselin
Marcel LaFlamme, Susanne Beck, Robin Brehm and Marion Poetz
Exploring organizational design for openness and collaboration in scientific organizations
Discussant(s): Silke Preymann
Angela Graf and Klarissa Lueg
Corporate communication and design at Danish and German universities. A comparative analysis of leadership perspectives on “brand” and “stakeholders” in a managerial tool
Discussant(s): Carl Stefan Roth-Kirkegaard
Linda Wedlin and Lars Engwall
Resilience, governance, and changing university administration
Discussant(s): Siri B. Borlaug
Guillaume Flamand and Lobna Baccouche
Exploring the relations between academic leaders and entrepreneurs in a corporatized academic world: An entrepreneuring and historical perspective
Discussant(s): Marcel LaFlamme
Eliana Minelli
Institutional entrepreneurship and QA: The Italian case
Discussant(s): Angela Graf
Elke Park
Contending with the institution: shifting power relations and the role of the state in Austrian higher education
Discussant(s): Linda Wedlin
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 17:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Governance Structures
Chair: Georg Krücken
Juha Tuunainen and Kari Kantasalmi
Processing societal expectations: Decision-making on entrepreneurship education in dif-ferentiated management structure of research university
Discussant(s): Eliana Minelli
Ingvild Reymert
Handling hybridity through sequential decisions in recruitment of professionals
Discussant(s): Elke Park
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 09:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
5.1. Management of Diversity & 5.2. Concluding Session
Break 1: 10:30 to 11:00
Chair: 5.1. Christine Musselin & 5.2. Lars Engwall
Pedro Pineda and Mishra Shweta
The Semantics of Diversity: Diversity in the Meanings of Diversity in Higher Education
Discussant(s): Guillaume Flamand
Taru Siekkinen, Elias Pekkola, Charles Mathies and Jouni Kekäle
Management of diversity and diversity of academic managers
Discussant(s): Juha Tuunainen
Maria Belén Usero Sánchez, Virginia Hernandez and Isabel Lopez
Gender imbalance and entrepreneurial university. Are “top” universities different from non-top ones?
Discussant(s): Ingvild Reymert