Sub-theme 44: Micro-institutions: Unpacking the Building Blocks of Organizations and Institutional Fields

Santi Furnari, City, University of London, United Kingdom
Derek J. Harmon, University of Michigan, USA
William Ocasio, Northwestern University, USA
Session Time Corridor 1: Thursday, July 08, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session Time Corridor 2: Thursday, July 08, 16:00 to 20:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Opening Session + Parallel Paper Sessions 1-A & 1-B and Parallel Paper Sessions 2-A & 2-B
Break 1: 17:30 to 17:45
Break 2: 18:45 to 19:00
Chair: Santi Furnari, Derek Harmon, William Ocasio
Henning Piezunka and Oliver Schilke
The effect of organizational aggregation structures on individuals’ voting behavior: An experimental investigation
Discussant(s): Ocasio
Carmelo Mazza
Waiting for the last call: The role of microinstitutions in the field of legal gaming in Italy
Discussant(s): Schilke
Fabien Hildwein
Institutional textual work in alternative mental health organizations: An institutional ethnography
Discussant(s): Mazza
Hovig Tchalian and William Ocasio
Rewriting the Unwritten Rules: The Rise of Corporate Governance and the Logic of Shareholder Value as Micro-Institutional Process
Discussant(s): Hildwein
Andréanne Rousseau and Charlotte Cloutier
Technology affordance, platformization and institutional change
Discussant(s): Bucher
Anna E. Hartman, Rohan Venkatraman and Erica Coslor
Reproducing the Whisky Field: How consumer critics perform symbolic market-identity work in online reviews
Discussant(s): Cloutier
Eliane Bucher, Peter Schou and Matthias Waldkirch
Sheriffs, patriots and steady hands – Institutional maintenance in online gun rights communities
Discussant(s): Hartman
Enlan Wang and Peer C. Fiss
How Category Interaction Codes Structure Market Exchanges
Discussant(s): Dentoni
Kevin Lee and Beth Bechky
Anachronization: The loss of valued work in a commercializing opera company
Discussant(s): Fiss
Rob Lubberink, Domenico Dentoni and Oana Branzei
How vibrant materiality animates institutions: An ethnographic study of a Malawian dairy collective enterprise
Discussant(s): Bechky
Emiel Eijdenberg, Rael Onyango and Enno Masurel
Micro responses to macro events: An institutional theory view on micro-entrepreneurship in an emerging economy
Discussant(s): Abumuamar
Constance Banc and Karim Messeghem
The proliferation of corporate accelerators within entrepreneurial ecosystem: The process of entrepreneurial ecosystemic institutional work
Discussant(s): Onyango
Mohsen Abumuamar
Outsider-driven institutional entrepreneurship:The case of emerging field of positive psychology education
Discussant(s): Banc
Nici Zimmermann and Nici Zimmermann
A simulation model of attentional allocation in decision-making under competing institutional logics
Discussant(s): Lee
Clara Letierce
How inhabitants’ sensemaking affect institutional logics compatibility
Discussant(s): Zhou
Bo-Yi Lee
Variations in employee participation: An institutional logics perspective
Discussant(s): Letierce
16:00–17:30: Opening Session: The Building Blocks of Micro-institutions – Chair: William Ocasio
Ppresentations by Schilke & Piezunka; Mazza; Hildwein; Tchalian & Ocasio

17:45–18:45: Parallel Paper Session 1-A: Micro-institutions within Online Communities – Chair: Santi Furnari
Presentations by Rousseau & Cloutier; Hartman et al.; Bucher et al.
17:45–18:45: Parallel Paper Session 1-B: Inhabited Micro-institutions – Chair: Derek Harmon
Presentations by Wang & Fiss; Lee & Bechky; Dentoni et al.

19:00–20:00: Parallel Paper Session 2-A: Entrepreneurial Work within Micro-Institutions – Chair: Derek Harmon
Presentations by Eijdenberg et al.; Banc & Messeghem; Abumuamar
19:00–20:00: Parallel Paper Session 2-B: Logics and Micro-institutions – Chair: William Ocasio
Presentations by Zhou & Zimmermann; Letierce; Lee
Session Time Corridor 3: Friday, July 09, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Session Time Corridor 4: Friday, July 09, 16:00 to 19:00, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)
Parallel Paper Sessions 3-A & 3-B and Parallel Paper Sessions 4-A & 4-B + Closing Session
Break 1: 17:00 to 17:15
Chair: Santi Furnari, Derek Harmon, William Ocasio
Hannah Schupfer and Birthe Soppe
Let’s rethink our partners! Incumbent-entrant collaborations as micro-institutional practice during institutional change
Discussant(s): Zheng
Debbie Harrison and Anne Kokkonen
Institutional change for sustainability: Embedding an institutional logic by developing micro institutions into organizational practices
Discussant(s): Soppe
Yu Zheng, Agnes Szunomar, Tina Miedtank, Agnieszka Mccaleb and Agnieszka McCaleb
New bosses, older workers: A micro-institution perspective on Human Resource Management in Chinese invested firms in Europe
Discussant(s): Harrison
Stephanie Koornneef, Achim Oberg and Tal Simons
Symbolic bridges and false friends: When symbols cross organizational field boundaries
Discussant(s): Kalita
Andrea Carlo Lo Verso and Cristina Boari
Argumentative interactions in emerging fields: How institutional multiplicity sparks new meaning systems
Discussant(s): Simons
Bandita Deka Kalita and Joel Gehman
What are logics worth? Mutability and transposability as alternative pathways of institutional logics’ transformation
Discussant(s): Boari
Andrea Jia
Exceptions and Improvisations in a self-organising process of crafting micro-institutions for capability development
Discussant(s): LaFont
Lee Jarvis, Elizabeth Goodrick and Bryant A. Hudson
On bullshit: Lying as institutional work
Discussant(s): Jia
Matthew LaFont and Olivia Aronson
Stabilizing Emergent Assemblages Using Maintaining Institutional Work to Reduce Entropy
Discussant(s): Goodrick
Elena Giovannoni and Paolo Quattrone
Magic numbers, figures and digits: The power of tricks and wonder-full quantifications from accounting to cryptocurrency
Discussant(s): Sharma
Maria C. Annosi, Cameron McRae, Spencer Moore and Laurette Dubé
From ICT4D to human-digital ecosystem building for sustainable transitions to modernity: A multi-level institutional processes analysis of the eKutir social enterprise in rural India
Discussant(s): Quattrone
Sarika Sharma and Ingrid Erickson
The microfoundations of cyberinfrastructure legitimacy: From communicative events to data infrastructures
Discussant(s): Annosi
16:00–17:00: Parallel Paper Session 3-A: Micro-institutional Practices – Chair: Derek Harmon
Presentations by Schupfer & Soppe; Harrison & Kokkonen; Zheng et al.
16:00–17:00: Parallel Paper Session 3-B: Micro-institutional Boundary Work – Chair: Santi Furnari
Presentations by Koornneef et al.; Lo Verso & Boari; Kalita & Gehman

17:15–18:15: Parallel Paper Session 4-A: Micro-institutional Work – Chair: Derek Harmon
Presentations by Jia & Olatunji; Jarvis et al.; LaFont & Aronson
17:15–18:15: Parallel Paper Session 4-B: Micro-institutions and New Technologies – Chair: William Ocasio
Presentations by Quattrone & Giovannoni; Annosi et al.; Sharma & Erickson

18:20 –19:00: Closing Session – Chair: William Ocasio
Session Time Corridor 5: Saturday, July 10, 07:00 to 12:30, Virtual Conference (EventsAir)