Colloquium Registration


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Registration only available for EGOS Members with a valid membership!


Please note!

You have to be an “active” EGOS member to participate in the 39th Colloquium 2023. This means that your EGOS membership must be valid at the time the entire Colloquium is taking place (July 4–8, 2023). If this is not the case, please pay the membership fee before registering for the Colloquium. For more information on how to renew or to register/pay your EGOS membership, please click here.
People entitled to register for this Colloquium are those who:

  • have either an accepted short paper – as main author or as a co-author – in a sub-theme at the main EGOS Colloquium 2023 in Cagliari;

  • and/or whose application for one of the pre-Colloquium workshops has been accepted;

  • convenors of sub-themes & organizers/speakers/panellists of events at the main Colloquium and of pre-Colloquium workshops.

To view the EGOS 2023 Colloquium fees, please click here.