Book of Condolences: Georg Schreyögg

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2022-07-09 16:27
Barbara Czarniawska
I didn't know and were shocked to learn... still can't believe it. You are terribly missed, Georg!
2022-05-18 19:53
shaker Zahra
We learned much from your work... you made us richer... now rest in peace
2022-05-11 15:13
Monica Hidajat
I remember Georg as an extremely motivating mentor who encouraged me to pursue a PhD. Georg motivated young scholars to pursue a topic based on their interests not convenient. He will always inspire me and remain in my memory as one of my main motivators.
2022-02-01 17:13
Martha S. Feldman
I'm so sad to hear of Georg's passing. I had the pleasure of co-convening a subtheme with him (and Joerg Sydow), visiting him and his students in Berlin (and enjoying 2 of the 3 opera houses he said where a "must see") and conversing with him about routines and path dependence. He was a person who helped scholars find the best in their ideas and so many of us benefited from his scholarship and his mentoring. I remember him with great warmth.
2022-01-05 12:22
Georg von Krogh
We will deeply miss Georg with his great enthusiasm and curiosity. My condolences go out to Georg's family. Please rest assured that he will remain in our memories as an outstanding scholar and colleague, and a source of inspiration for us all.
2021-12-27 14:41
Albrecht Becker
I remember Georg Schreyögg as a truly dedicated researcher with great integrity. Most notably, he supported and accompanied early career researchers with an honest interest in their work, forcing them to think through their research, challenging and encouraging. We have lost a great colleague whose legacy will stay with us.
2021-12-17 22:17
Stefan Meisiek
My condolences to Georg's family and his close friends. It was through Georg's passionate and engaging lectures back during my time at the Freie Universität Berlin that I discovered organization studies for myself. He was a scholar at heart and for life, never relenting in his quest for insight, quality and contribution. EGOS has lost a towering figure. He will be missed.
2021-12-16 16:09
Hermann Lassleben
I first met Georg Schreyögg back in 1994 at the AoM conference in Dallas. Together with Rüdiger Klimecki (+ 2009), we rented a car for some sightseeing one day. I remember Georg buying a Stetson as a souvenir. Since then, we met several times and I followed his work with great interest. He was a role model. Rest in peace.
2021-12-15 23:59
Bob Hinings
Georg was a very special scholar and person. He has made a real mark on the study of organizations in a supportively, critical way. His life touched many people so his legacy will continue in them, his friends and colleagues. A true Egosian, he will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family.
2021-12-14 22:38
Stewart Clegg
Very sincere condolences to George's family and his many friends and colleagues whose life he has touched. Without his presence and only memory of his influence, the EGOS world will have lost a founding figure whose legacy, I am sure, will be celebrated when EGOS next meets, hopefully in a world collectively safer than the pandemic present. He was, indeed, a pillar of EGOS.

2021-12-14 21:33
Nora Lohmeyer
As my supervisor at the “Pfadkolleg” Georg Schreyögg often made my PhD-life difficult – but in the end my work always better. He would never put up with mediocre work (“Da müssen Sie nochmal ran!”) but was then also generous in recognizing the achievements of others. I will remember him for his dedication to critical, rigorous, and relevant organization research as well as for his incredible talent in giving the appropriate form to special events – be it successes, farewells, or other occasions.
2021-12-14 16:33
Alice Rettig
Georg Schreyögg marked my way as a researcher. I am very thankful that our paths have crossed and will always be deeply inspired by his intellectual rigor, critical mind, and passion for organization studies.
As supervisor of my master´s thesis, he not only shaped my critical thinking in so many ways, but also encouraged me and gave me the confidence to pursue a PhD. The co-authorship of our latest paper fills me with pride. I will greatly miss our intense and fruitful discussions and thereby learning so much from his strong reasoning and extremely distinctive and deep knowledge. His words truly carried weight.
2021-12-13 09:17
Peter and Martina Eberl
We had the great pleasure to work with Georg at his chair. We will not forget this instructive time. Without him, our professional and private life would have been different. Thanks for everything.

Martina and Peter
2021-12-13 02:09
Paula Jarzabkowski

You were generous with your time, fierce but not condescending with your intellect, and a great supporter of early career people. I remember you as both a great scholar and a great gentleman. I am grateful I had the chance to know you. I will miss you. Thank you for all you did for European scholarship, and for our community.

2021-12-09 15:21
Stephan Bohn
One of the most creative and curious scientists I have ever met. He enriched the Freie Universität Berlin and our research field with his open and critical mind, and I also learned a lot from him personally. I remember the wonderful debates in the FU research workshop “Forschungswerkstatt”. Our thoughts are with his family, he will be very much missed.
2021-12-09 09:32
Mike Geppert
My heartfelt sympathy goes to Georg Schreyögg‘s family! His death is an immense loss for the EGOS community. I met him for the first time as a PhD student at my first EGOS colloquium at Maastricht, and later on regularly at EGOS and also the AOM. Here we always had highly interesting discussions about our ongoing research, and just about life. His voice will be dearly missed.
2021-12-09 06:42
Markus Helfen
The passing of Georg Schreyögg reminds us that it is simply not true that everyone is replaceable. There is no substitute for him. I really wished he would have had more years for continuing his productive challenges. What I truly found remarkable about him is that he maintained a highly sophisticated level of academic skepticism, regardless whether discussing mainstream or one those new fads. Passing on this spirit to our management students at Freie is an honor. My condolences to his family.
2021-12-08 23:50
Yuliya Snihur
Such a loss, it was always an intellectual pleasure to read and think about Georg's insightful papers and ideas. He will be missed as a colleague and intellectual influence. RIP.
2021-12-08 22:13
Renate Meyer
Georg was a 'Lichtgestalt' in German speaking organization research already at a time when going to EGOS and AoM, publishing in international journals and contributing to ongoing debates was a more a dream than a real option for students of organization. Georg was one of the stellar role models who showed a path out of the confines of traditional business administration. He was a passionate EGOSian who helped establishing the association in its current form, and a pillar for Organization Studies until a few weeks ago. What a loss for our entire community! My sincere condolences go to his family.
2021-12-08 18:18
Kristina Lauche
One of our great thinkers and colleagues in Org Studies has left us. I still have vivid memories of presenting at a seminar in Berlin and getting demanding questions and had planned to get back to Georg: I now understand what you meant and have an answer - that won't be possible now. A great loss. It is nice to know that he was recognised as EGOS Honorary Member in 2018 - very often people only get the recognition they deserve once they have passed away.
2021-12-08 18:06
Paolo Quattrone
My condolnecies to Georg's family and the whole community. We lose a pioneer and a true Egosian who will be profoundly missed.
2021-12-08 17:33
Patrick Cohendet
Georg Schreyögg 's work on organizational studies have deeply inspired my personal research and the research of all my Ph.D. students. Georg's brilliant research has brought a lot to our community. It is such a great loss.
2021-12-08 17:33
Patrick Cohendet
Georg Schreyögg 's work on organizational studies have deeply inspired my personal research and the research of all my Ph.D. students. Georg's brilliant research has brought a lot to our community. It is such a great loss.
2021-12-08 15:41
André Wohlgemuth
Ein wunderbarer Mensch und Kollege ist von uns gegangen. In der Erinnerung bleibt er präsent, die Reise geht weiter. Rest in peace!
2021-12-08 15:39
Thomas Wrona
I got to know Georg Schreyögg many years ago when I - just having completed my PhD - presented a paper at a VHB conference. At that time, the ORGA conferences were feared among young scientists, as there was often very pronounced criticism. Georg Schreyögg perhaps stood out here, because although he could also criticize pointedly, it was always understood as an idea for improvement. And so my first personal memory of him is connected with a coffee table conversation and a lot of good advice, which my paper undoubtedly benefited from. Over the years, we have repeatedly crossed paths in a similar way, although unfortunately I was only rather indirectly connected with him. It is therefore a comfort to me and I am very happy about having a joint PhD seminar with his former colleagues Jochen, Daniel and Peter, which will let me continue to feel connected with him in the future as well.
2021-12-08 13:48
Ali Aslan Gümüsay
My sincere condolences to his family and our community. Georg Schreyögg will be dearly missed. His work and his spirit impressed itself on me especially indirectly through the many scholars he has (trans)formed and who are now my colleagues, co-authors, and friends. His (work) spirit lives on.
2021-12-08 13:37
Harald Tuckermann
What sad news - and I would like to express my sincere condolences. Through his book on Management, Georg Schreyögg provided for my entrance in organization studies and a systemic perspective in 1994 when I started with university. Years later, he told me that he was not so fond of working on this book at the time. Nevertheless, I am still on the journey in this field. RIP - Harald.
2021-12-08 12:48
Filiz Karabag and Christian Berggren, Linköping University, Sweden
Georg was an extraordinary organization scholar.
Equally important, he was also a wonderful, warm, sharp and humble colleague. We met him rather late in life, as sub-theme co-convenors at the EGOS Colloquium in Copenhagen 2016. Thanks to Georg’s participation and powerful presence the event became a major success with every participant staying on board and being active until the closing hour. When we met, Georg was a very senior EGOSian, while we, by comparison, were quite junior. Nevertheless, Georg collaborated and supported us on the most equal terms without any hesitation. It was a joy to meet him again, the last time when we together tirelessly chased restaurants at the EGOS Colloquium in Edinburgh.

Georg, we miss you and we will remember you as a powerful international role model!

2021-12-08 11:31
Prof. Jamil Chaabouni
My sincere condolences to his family and our community of management professors
2021-12-07 18:21
Elke Schuessler
I first met Georg as a doctoral student in the "Pfadkolleg" he organized, together with Joerg Sydow, at Freie Universität Berlin. Later, he became a colleague. Having encountered Georg as a teacher, a mentor, and a colleague has profoundly shaped my academic identity. Fully committed to the university as an institution, to students, to research and to practice transfer activities alike, he represented what is now for some maybe an "old school" image of a professor - not specializing mainly on research, or mainly on teaching, or mainly on practice transfer, but combining these things in the classic "Humboldian" way - to the benefit of all. He had an amazing work ethic, always appearing in the office properly dressed (i.e., in a suit) and being very present and approachable. He also had a great sense of humor and was always available for a chat - though I only later dared to approach him in that way. He had made my life quite difficult for a while by often asking "But where is the path?" regarding my doctoral thesis - a fair question, I suppose. Georg will surely live on in me in many memories, through his academic work and through his textbooks, which I use in my teaching wherever possible.
2021-12-07 15:29
Daniel Geiger
Georg was not only my PhD supervisor and mentor, but he had a significant impact on my life as whole. I still vividly remember the news amongst Master students at FU Berlin that a new, interesting but also very demanding professor had joined the faculty. I had never heard about organization studies at all before but was curious to attend his lectures. And I never regretted my choice. It was actually the first time I really had an interest in my studies. Georg was without doubt a very committed and charismatic teacher who took an interest in his students and who’s passion for the topic inspired so many of us. I will never forget the seminar on “Postmodernism in Organization Studies” in which we discussed the deep questions which really mattered and which planted the seed in me to pursue a PhD. As we know from the theory of path dependence: this marked a critical juncture in my life.

As a PhD student he opened my eyes for the international arena of organization studies. At this time he was amongst the few in the German speaking OS community who regularly attended EGOS Colloquia and the Academy of Management Conferences and who took international Journal publications as a benchmark and inspiration for our own work. Attending my first EGOS colloquium with him in 2002 remains a lasting memory.

As a mentor he taught me not to shy away from critique and to defend my arguments even if the mainstream does not agree. Due to this appetite for critique he was also demanding in a good sense. He wanted one’s arguments to be bullet-proof; one could not get away with half-baked cookies (“you have to think this through…”). With this intellectual rigor he was truly pushing the boundaries of our field and was motivated by challenging existing thoughts and taken for granted positions. He was not so much interested in just adding another brick to the wall of scientific progress in our field and to spot gaps. It was deconstructing the foundation of the wall and constructing a new and better one that inspired and motivated him. This school of thought and this way of thinking will live on in many of his former students like me.

For me he was always the ideal type of a professor and a true role model: critical thinking, a passion for theory, professional dignity, a deep sense of duty and a high commitment to teaching as well as to the institutions where he served. He never completed a task only halfway or took a commitment he had given lightheartedly. Being true to these ideals remains an obligation as his student.

Georg, I will dearly miss you! But your way of scholarship and your contributions will live on.
2021-12-07 13:27
Jochen Bigus
As a professor teaching accounting I was always impressed by Georg's openness and ability to profoundly discuss scientific issues which were not directly related to management or organization. I also admired his working ethics and his willingness to contribute to common goods, not only in scientific organizations but also in "down-to-earth" administrative processes (of which there are many in Germany). And he was a truly friendly fellow. Rest in peace, Georg!
2021-12-07 13:25
Günther Ortmann
Ach, Georg. Unsere Wege haben sich andauernd gekreuzt, in der WK Organisation, im Pfadkolleg und auch privat, und ich habe ihm viel zu verdanken. Erst vor ein paar Monaten hatten wir uns lose verabredet, einander öfter zu treffen als es in Corona-Zeiten üblich geworden ist, da schien Georg noch zuversichtlich und einigermaßen wohlauf. Nun ist es zu spät, und das ist so besonders traurig, weil es eben noch so schien, als würden wir uns bald wiedersehen. Requiescat in pace.
2021-12-07 10:24
Amalya Oliver
I met Georg several times while visiting FU and at EGOS. In my view, Georg was an impressive scholar and a very special as well charismatic person. His critical thinking and sharp comments were always an asset. It is a great loss to our community.
2021-12-07 03:05
Dieter Sadowski
Georg Schreyögg war ein Mann, der Perspektiven wechseln konnte - und das hat zu seiner großen Toleranz gegenüber Theorieansätzen geführt, die nicht die Seinen waren. Und er hat den wissenschaftlichen Ernst auch ruhen lassen können, wenn es etwa eine Operneinladung anstand. Renate Ortliebs Würdigung hält auch fest, wie wichtig ihm die Nachwuchsförderung war. Sein Tod ist ein großer Verlust für unsere Fachkultur!
2021-12-06 19:46
Matthias Kipping
I had read some of Georg's work and had seen and spoken to him on occasion, but got to know him much better, both in an academic and a social context, when spending a sabbatical at FU Berlin in 2018-19. What I liked and admired about him was what you could call his contrarian spirit. He never took anything at face value, but wanted to really know how people had arrived at their conclusions and was not afraid to say so, when it did not make sense to him. And he applied the same standards to his own work. Now that his voice is gone, I hope that his example continues to inspire other scholars.
2021-12-06 18:44
Waldemar Kremser
Georg was not only my supervisor. He was my mentor. He changed my life for the better. I will forever be thankful for having met him. He took the time to listen and was able to understand. I still remember our passionate discussions in his office. We shared a love for Luhmann. We shared a love for a good argument. And when it was about his own work, he was always the bigger person. I think this is what impressed me the most about him. He would always be interested in what I had to say and never take it personal - no matter how overly critical I was. He even motivated me to pursue my critique of his work in a more systematic way and would help me to find better arguments for what I wanted to say. It is this kindness, loyalty, wisdom, sharp intellect, and open mindedness, it is Georg Schreyögg, that I will miss most dearly.
2021-12-06 18:25
David Seidl
Georg Schreyögg was one of the most important voices in organization studies in the German-speaking world. He shaped the research agenda and helped push the standards of research to those expected in international top journals. He had clear views about what constitutes good and bad research and wasn’t shy of communicating them very directly. I will miss his sharp mind and our debates.
2021-12-06 17:49
Walther Müller-Jentsch
Georg Schreyögg wird mir als ein passionierter Wissenschaftler, immer offen für disziplinäre Grenzüberschreitungen, und als ein überaus freundlicher Kollege in Erinnerung bleiben.
2021-12-06 16:38
Leonhard Dobusch
Georg Schreyögg was key for internationalizing German business administration scholarship, pushing the boundaries of our discipline in the best of ways to allow for new theories, methods and phenomena to be studied.

Personally, at the doctoral program on organizational path dependence at Freie Universität Berlin that he had co-chaired, I benefitted enormously from his critical feedback and the intellectually challenging atmosphere he helped to create.

Georg Schreyögg combined 'old school' professorial dignity with open mindedness and intellectual curiosity in a way that was unique for the German-speaking community of business scholars. He will be dearly missed. His contribution to the field will live on.
2021-12-06 15:12
Giuseppe Delmestri
The work of Georg, and his academic friendship, has accompanied me during my whole career. The fist time in the 1990s when I summarised in Italian for Anna Grandori his book Unternehmensstrategie. Later, in the 2000s, when he involved me, then at the University of Bergamo, in a networked program for exchange students. Most recently, when he asked me to take over his responsibility for the management discipline within the VHB-ProDok faculty. I am already missing him, a person with a great heart for colleagues and our discipline
2021-12-06 13:52
Bernard Forgues
I first came across Georg's work when learning about path-dependence, a long time ago. This was so illuminating that I wanted to hear more and started looking at his research. It turned out he had written a lot, on different topics, and each and every one of his contributions was excellent and energizing.
Georg's brilliant research and tireless work for our community will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.
We are lucky that our paths crossed his.
2021-12-06 13:31
Ignas Bruder
From my very first undergraduate course at Freie Universität Berlin until the defense of my doctoral dissertation Georg Schreyögg was a constant source of inspiration at our faculty's department of management. It was great discussing with him, because he was always able to challenge one's argument and underlying assumptions, thereby helping to sharpen one's thoughts. I miss him and his dedication for making everybody else's work better.