Final Plenary:

Rebalancing Society: Bridging Across the Public, Private & Plural Sectors

Keynote Speaker:


Henry Mintzberg

Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies
McGill University, Canada


Henry Mintzberg is Canada's most well-known and celebrated management thinker and educator. He is known for his provocative and original ideas about management, strategy, management education, and the role of organizations in society.

He has published 15 books, many of them bestsellers, including The Nature of Managerial Work, The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning and Managers, not MBAs, as well as over 150 articles.

In this keynote, Henry argues for the need to recognize the plural sector (comprising member-owned and non-owned organizations as well as social movements and social initiatives) as one of three legs on which a balanced society can sit, bridging left and right.