Subplenary 3:

Bridging Culture, Values & Forms in Creative Industries

Montréal, July 5, 2013


Silviya Svejenova

Associate Professor
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark



Silviya Svejenova's research centers on innovation in business models and strategies based on creativity. She has examined the work and careers of creatives as well as the role of institutional entrepreneurship in triggering change, and the creation and transformation of business models. She is the co-author of two books and has published widely on creative industries.

Silviya has been Vice Chair of EGOS since 2011 and was organizer of the 2009 EGOS Colloquium in Barcelona on the theme of "Passion for Creativity and Innovation."





Wendy Reid

HEC Montréal, Canada



Wendy Reid joined the faculty at HEC Montréal after a 25 year professional career in the cultural sector. Trained as a musician, her doctorate and research interests are in dual leadership and nonprofit governance.



Mukti Khaire

Associate Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School, USA



Mukti Khaire's research lies at the intersection of entrepreneurship, culture, and creative industries. Her publications relate to how entrepreneurs construct the value of new products, creating new markets and affecting broader cultural institutions. Her work has shed light on how entrepreneurs created a global market for modern Indian art and constructed a distinctive identity for Indian fashion. She has examined the interaction among the media and entrepreneurs in market-creation and is currently exploring the process of value-construction in market exchanges.